Saturday, May 20


Let's sit down together and take a few minutes staring at this beautiful babe! I just can't get enough looking at how beautiful this watches. Yes it's Daniel Wellington! The most popular brands in social media and Kendall Jenner wearing it!lol

Friday, May 19



Monday, May 15

Palladio Rice Paper in Translucent, Natural & Warm Beige Review and Photos

I swear this month is the most hottest month in Malaysia which I found out that I always seeking for a water. I feels so steamy and hot inside. Since the weather is so hot, our makeup tend to look greasy even when you try dewy makeup looks, it's turn out like a mess. It's impossible to stay matte all day without having blotting paper on hand. There's so many blotting paper on the market, but there's something that catching my eyes. So, today blogpost, I will introduce to you a product from Palladio and I hope that this blogpost will help you to choose which blotting paper that you are prefer.

Monday, May 1

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off Review

I really like a products that contain rice ingredients. Sometimes, I did wash my face using rice water and it might sound a little odd but I did! I have been using this product for quite a while and this have become part of my skincare family. I usually use this 4 times a week or depending how my skin is looking and feeling. Back then, Skinfood masks are quite popular and everyone really like it but I didn't buy this back then because I was extremely obsessed with sheet mask and after that when I get enter more deeply into beauty world, I try different types of masks besides sheet masks. Today, I'm going to review Skinfood rice wash off mask and let's jump into the review.

Sunday, April 30

Makeup Lookbook Issue #05 Real Orange Makeup! Daily makeup style ^^

Hello everyone!
Long time I'm not posting this kinda of post. So, today I will show to you how to create easy barbie orange makeup style. This makeup looks is very simple. The most importantly is you'll need orange blusher which is the queen of this makeup looks.I think this makeup looks so juicy. haha

Let's start with base makeup. So, for base makeup I like to mixed my foundation. The foundation that I used here is 3CE Foundation in Ivory Beige and Peripera Ink Drop BB Cream in No 2 Bright Beige. I mixed it in the ratio 1:3. That's it!

For eyes makeup, the palette that I reach the most for this makeup looks is Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar but for base I used brown colour from Morphe 35C Palette. From Etude House Palette I used Fever Orange on top of brown eyeshadow and Bubble Bath at my inner corner of my eyes.

For eyeliner, I draw using brown eyeliner, so it will not too harsh for this looks. As finishing, I top up with natural fake eyelashes and finishes eye makeup with mascara.

Blush time! Here I used Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 palette in pumpkin! The blush are so pigmented, so you have to lightly apply it and slowly build up the colour. 

Next for lips makeup, I used Innisfree tinted glow sticks No.6. One layer already gives a nice punch of color, moisture and shine. This coral-orange tone is a perfect combination. 



Monday, April 24

How I really wash my face?

Most of us assume that cleansing is a basic task and can be accomplished with water and soap. This myth need to be abolished. There's also some people think that they don't need a cleanser as it make their skin worsen. This is misguided belief because you have to identify your skin type first because every people have different skin texture. Make sure that the cleanser is gentle that won't strip the skin. Don't you know that there's so many type of cleanser in the market. We have basic foam cleanser, gel, water and even cream. If you are using the right one, it allows the moisturizer or other product absorb more effectively. So, in this post I will share with you how I really cleanse my face. So many people asked me how I cleanse my face, so this post is dedicated for you.

Monday, April 17

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask Review and Photos

Truth be told, I know this brand from Korean Youtuber, Hanbyul where she review about Pimple Clear Pads and it was on Hanbyul Skincare favourite. If I’m not mistaken because of her videos Cosrx got more attention and lots of people are keeping talking about that. On that time, there’s no Cosrx product selling in Malaysia but when more people requested their product to be sold in Malaysia market, so right now it’s easy to get it because Hermo Malaysia also sold Cosrx products. Yeah! Without further ado, let’s jump into the review!

Sunday, April 16

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Duo in Beso and Bella Review, Photos and Swatches

Anyone love liquid lipstick? We're in the same team!

Today’s review is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Duo. If you are in the mood something bold, you might like this post.💕💓  

Tuesday, April 11

Peripera Petal-Soft Lips Airy Ink Velevt Review, Photos and Swatches + Giveaway!!

Peripera is quite famous in Korea especially their lip tint which is phenomenal. For me, they are really good quality and if you are someone who wear lipstick but the colour not stay on your lips, you should try their new product which is  Peripera Ink Airy Velvet. The price very affordable, so everyone can buy it!

So, if you are active on Facebook, you've might probably know that Peripera Malaysia has announced that Peripera Ink Airy Velvet range will be available in Malaysia. Yes it is!

Sunday, April 9

Shizens Hydro Enhancing Lotion Review and Photos

Hello lovely! So, today product review will be Shizens Hydro Enhancing Lotion. 

Sunday, April 2

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask #Ceramide & #Damask Rose Review and Photos

If you are looking for a daily sheet mask or mask lover that has different ingredient based on you skin type,  0.2 Therapy Air Mask from Etude House is a nice choice for you to try.

I am a girl who likes to wear sheet mask before wearing makeup. I believe my skin changing so much better after wearing sheet mask. So, I will consider myself as mask lover. haha! I will never get enough of sheet masks.

Sunday, March 26

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner 01 Black Review, Photos and Swatches

Ahnnyeong, chin-gu! I read some good reviews of TonyMoly Backstage Gel liner from Korean blogger, so I decided to give black one a try and test how it turn like. If you watch video from Korean Youtuber, you'll see most of them using this eyeliner. The picture taken here is actually old pictures. I almost forgot that I have this picture. lol
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