Saturday, July 22

Bare Bodycare Wash in Rosemary Review and Photos

Annyeong Chingu!! How are you doing? First of all, thank you so much for reading my blog because today I will review about body wash product which are Bare Relaxing and hydrating body wash in Rosemary. I'm quite sceptical when choosing body wash product because I hate when the scent is not power enough. I love body wash product that really scented and last longer on my body and also make me feel fresh at the same time. So, I decided to try something that's more organic and how they react on my skin.

Saturday, July 15

Lizly Oh My Awesome Lip Tint Review, Photos and Swatches

Hello lovely! Have you ever heard about this brand, Lizly? It is actually new brand from Korea where their first product is eyeshadow and second product is lip tint (Oh My Awesome Lip Tint). If you always shopping at Memebox, you'll be familiar with these brand. So, this lip tint is quite famous in Korea because they are very long-lasting. They have 8 shades and these 8 shades consist of 2 finishes which is matte and gloss. Today, I will reviewed these 2 finishes from this line which is 01 (Awesome Red) Matte , 04 (Awesome Marsala) Matte, and last one is G01 (Awesome Burgundy) Gloss. Let's see how this product goes on my lips.

Saturday, July 8

[Althea Box] Chok Chok Box Review, Photos and Swatches

Hey everyone!Anyone love Chok Chok skin like me? Please raise your leg! *kidding

Basically, Chok-chok Pibu (촉촉) literally means “moist skin,” which also refer to super hydrated and dewy skin. If you're obsessed with korean makeup and skincare, you'll might be familiar with this term. So, when Althea Korea released beauty box which consist of several product of Chok Chok items, and I just directly inbox them that I really want to review their box and thanks to them for putting a trust to me in reviewing their beauty box. So, without further ado, let's jump into the review and my thought on the product.

Tuesday, June 27

AMOK Lovefit Whipped Lips and Amok Premium Shadow Review, Photos and Swatches

Halo guys! What have you been up to? I cannot believe that we’re almost at the end of June, which means my internship only left 1 month! Yeah! Today, I’m going to review a product from Korea! Anyway, have you heard about this brand? If you tried search about this product, most of them is their lipstick! Truth be told, I’m quite curious about their name which they named it as ‘AMOK’.  ‘AMOK’ for me means monster! haha .. but but it is actually Art Makeup Original Korea. Ok! That’s make senses! haha

Monday, June 19

Pay cash at 7-Eleven when Shopping at Hermo!

MOLPay, Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider and 7-Eleven Malaysia, the country’s largest convenience store chain come together for an innovative payment option. Consumers can now pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for items they bought online.
The feature, MOLPay CASH is now available at selected 7-Eleven stores nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak.
Who doesn’t love shopping especially shopping online! I admit that I’d prefer to shop online rather than going to real shop. Ok! So, when comes to payment obviously we need credit card, debit card or bank account to paid. Not all people have all of this, right? Good news! Now, those who doesn’t have all these type of payment, don’t worry, because you also can shop online and pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven Outlets.

Benefit of using MOLPay Cash 

How to use MOLPay Cash Payment when shopping at Hermo?

First things first, grab your phone and go to Hermo and pick the product that you want to purchase then proceed to check out.

Next, at payment method section, select "MOLPay Cash" and click secure checkout.

After checkout, you will received a receipt together with transaction ID and verification code and print this receipt :)

Last step, go to the nearest participating 7-Eleven outlet and show the staff your Transaction ID and Verification Code and they will scan the bar code, and complete the transaction for you.

Then, sit and relax and wait you parcel to arrive!


Easy, right? Now, you don't need to worry about payment anymore because we have MOLPay Cash plus it's 100% safety!

Where to shop online:

Saturday, June 10

SON&PARK Tone Up Base, Glow Ring Foundation & Air Tint Lip Cube Review, Photos and Swatches

I know I know! I feel like almost 2 weeks I'm not reviewing product here. I swear I really want to do it but I feel like I don't have mood to blog. If you're followed me on Instagram, I did do short review there. My instagram is @aecharmy ya!haha Today, I will review 3 product from Son&Park, so I don't feel guilty to my blog..haha  Keep on scrolling to see more :)

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