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LaF (Lost and Found) Products Review and Photos

Hello everyone!

LaF (Lost and Found) is skincare line from Korea. LaF provides numerous skin solution from anti-wrinkle, pore, moisturizing, calming and whitening skincare. They have different types of ampoule and cream for different skin concern and also LaF is a safe product, so no worries. I've been using this skincare line for 30 days and here I come out with my own reviews. I am excited to show you guys on the result and my thoughts on it. But first, let me introduced to you each skincare line that they have.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain Review, Photos and Swatches

Hello guys! Today, I'm so excited to share with you guys because I recently received Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain and there are 44 shades in totals and they are so pretttehhhh. Well you know how much I love liquid lipstick! All the shades here is definitely suit with every occasion either formal or informal and also every skin tone. For the price point, they're the best. So, I'm gonna do a swatches for all 44 shades on my arm and on my lips, and hoping that I can help you guys to decide which shades that you might want to purchased.

First of all, of course let's talk about the packaging. Any packaging from Sephora is simple yet attractive. You can't go wrong with black colour,right? The applicator is standard, not too pointy but it's easy to reach every corner of my lips for precise lippie style.

The formula is so creamy, incredibly comfortable and these glides very smoothly. It sets on the lips almost immediately after application, and once it sets, it really stains the lips and very pigmented. On your actual lips, they feel really lightweight, you barely feel the product when you touch your lips together, you can't really feel the stickiness and it's only if you pressed your lips together like super hard.

The scent is really like a pleasant vanilla. If you like vanilla ice cream and you'll probably gonna love it.  These are all matte formula and it doesn't feel dry and it last on your lips for a really long period of time and with zero transfer, you can eat, you can drink, anything. Some shades does has satin shimmery finish like 15 and 5,  but they are still matte.

For chapped lips, it does accentuate the dryness, which wasn’t a good look, but still can worked on if you exfoliated your lips.

My favourite would be 15 which has a metallic finish and it just so different than out there and bold. I love it.

You should try one at least one colour especially red, it work for everyone and you'll know and you'll come back. I tell yuh! haha

- Pigmented
- Very creamy
- High coverage lip colour
- Lightweight
- Zero sticky
- Comfortable in lips
- Wide range of shades
- Comfortable

- Quite dry for chapped lips without exfoliate the lips

Price: RM 49.00
Where you can buy: Sephora Malaysia

BEAT BEAUTY Liquid Matte Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches

Hi guys, today I'm going to be sharing with you guys my review of BEAT BEAUTY Liquid Matte Lipsticks! I did asked you guys on my Insta Story, if you want me to do a review about local brand liquid lipstick and most of you say yes! There you go :) I'm going to start with this brand, first! If you want me to do other local brand lipstick, just leave me a comment down below.

Beat Beauty is a local Malaysian cosmetics brand that's paraben-free, long wearing formula and hydrating formula. I've been seeing a lot of local brands popping up recently and I know about this brand when there's too many KOL or 'insta-famous' too exaggerating about this brand plus there's too many advertisement popping out on my insta feed. 

So far I think they released a total of 6 shades and the newest one they released 2 shades of foundation.

Each one will costs you RM39, which is affordable to me but to compared with Silkygirl Matte Junkie price, Silkygirl is the winner. Each of the lips come in a simple transparent plastic and the lipstick came packaged in a soft pink metallic box. 

So, what they claimed is this is obviously matte lipstick, long lasting, hydrating formula, smudge proof, budget friendly and will increased interactions of your crush toward you. lol

The colours that I bought (yes my moneh) is bold, bunga and blair. The reason why I bought these 3 colour because the colours looks so tempting in a tube. I would say 2 colour is my safe zone while the other one which is bold is totally a daring colour. So, it's balanced, right! hahaha

The pigmentation is great and the colour is pretty. Once applied, its dry down pretty quickly and the finish is matte and smudge-proof. I need 2 coat for this because the lipstick dry very fast. When I pressed my lips on the back of my hand there was only the slightest bit of colour transferring on it. However, it does feel a little bit sticky if you pressed your lips together. 

It's a little bit patchy especially blair and bunga but I still love the colour. However 'bold' just turn out very well, pigmented and less patchy. You know the lighter the colours are, the more patchy it is. Apart from that, it did hold up well after a meal, but still need to touch up as the inner part of my lips, the colour slightly faded away.




- Nice colours
- Smudge-proof
- Pigmented
- Matte
- Glides on easily
- Easy to remove
- Strong vanilla scent

- Patchy except bold
- Dry quiet fast
- A little bit sticky

For more info, you can check out Beat Beauty Instagram 

D.UP Silky Liquid Eyeliner Review, Swatches and Photos

Hi everyone! I'm here with a product which I'm sure most of you are familiar about. Whether you heard about it from a friend, Instagram or any platform, I bet you'll probably know this most loving Japanese eyeliner, right? 

Palladio Ombre 2-in-1 Lip Color Reviews, Photos and Swatches

Annyeong chingudeul! I really want to shares with you guys but I haven't got a chance to sit down and tell you guys about this because I'm so busy with my test, case study and presentation this month! Now, I have a time to do that! It's no secret that Palladio is one of affordable drugstore brand and if you've read my previous posts, you'd know that I really love their lip cream.  For some reason, I did not expect to be blown away by this kind of 2 tone lip sticks, but after testing this lip colour out, I can safely say that this lip product is a must have, if you love gradient lips or K-beauty lovers out there. Dried Rose Box Review & Unboxing

Annyeong chingudeul! Welcome back to another unboxing! If you haven't read my review about Althea Chok Chok Box, you can check out here! But, today I'll be sharing all about the Dried Rose Box! Are you excited? Let's start digging!😋

D.U.P Ultra Fiber and Extension Mascara Review, Swatches and Photos

I don't know whether this is my own myth or really a real myth when it comes to mascara. I believe that the best mascara will be a mascara from Japanese brands. I think they are way too affordable yet the quality also very good.  This is only what I felt or you might have your own holy grail mascara that wasn't from Japanese brands.