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REVIEW: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil #3 Brown

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So, back here another korean brands that I love the most is Etude House. Anyway when it comes to Etude House, I always remember about my friend. Well, she ask me WHAT IS ETUDE HOUSE? is that a joke or what? you really don't know Etude House. The famous korean brands. I feel that I wanna run all the way up around this earth with a peculiar smile perhaps more than that. toink toink*

I heard that this eyebrow quite famous. I know I am un-updated girl who marginally don't know everything. I hope I'm not the last one. :)

Skip my rambling now, we sort of know drawing the eyebrow is the most hardest thing. If the eyebrow is drawn up with unappropriate way, absolutely the whole face gonna look hideous. I tell you girl! I found that myself, I really don't know how to shape my eyebrow well, seriously! Now with this eyebrow pencil I could surpass my skill and it's totally leave my eyebrow nightmare. In case, to try another eyebrow brands, I choose brown eyebrow pencil. Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil also comes with 5 different colour, which is dark brown, grey brown, brown, dark grey and grey. I know that instead of dark or grey, grey or dark, it's kinda boring but you gonna love it.

I've found that the shape of this eyebrow, is too easy to draw. I really recommended those who are the beginner. Like what I say just now easy and natural illusion created. In case, you have an oily face, this is perfect eyebrow for you because the eyebrow is waterproof and smudge free. You do not need to worry because it last long and stays on place

When it comes to price, I truly happy because this eyebrow are too cheap below than RM20 which is very worth to buy. The eyebrow comes with a rectangular shape, which is very convenient for you to drawn up the eyebrow.

If you are afraid that the shade might not fit you, please don't worry because you can lightly color your
eyebrows until the desired color arises and you can use the spoolie to "remove" any excess of the product and gently fill in again. It's super handy right?

The packaging is nothing to be proud of which is simple, and yes brown. There's nothing fancy look that I could describe but when you open up the cap, you'll truly love it. It's comes with 2 cap which is one is the eyebrow pencil and the other one is a soft brush. The most important things is that you don't need to sharpen the pencil and it save your times and money.Yeah. It is super handy and  lightweight. Super easy to carry on in your make up bag.

Well, there's something that I doubt of is that the colour. It does do their job but when it comes to the colour I don't really like,thought. The colour is not popped nicely as I need to give it a layer and layer. The texture is hard where you need to put some strength in it to see the result. I guess that is the reason why the colour is not noticeable.  But it worth to buy based on the price. All in all, I am impressed with the quality of the product and satisfied with the price. 

Rate : 4 out of 5


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