Fairy Beauty: Fairy Blossom Beauty Supplement

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Salam and Hello ladies!!!

Some of your already know this product before because a lot of bloggers done reviewing this product but today I'm gonna do my own test and opinion about this product. So the product is Fairy Beauty Fairy Blossom. Yep it's quite famous nowadays on how this product done the magic for some people and I've also read the brochure that they had given to me and I feel how such a very small bottle can do very well.

Since the advance technology has been wild fire influence you to try some of it plus thousand of way that can help you to become pretty but it does take a lot of cost. For people who like me, I don't think so even I try to grab the knife and kill myself, I won't get it at all...ahaha Because of that, I am the one who are the person that you've been searching for already existence in front of you *eheem that will help you to solve your problem regarding your beauty budget! YEAH 

Actually, Fairy beauty comes with two different types which is fairy white and fairy blossom.

So, let's see how the magical work! but before that let me introduce you

If you cannot see the brochure clearly please click the picture to enlarge.

Fairy blossom

The things that catch my attention is that it relieve painful menstruation. I swear I really have bad period pain and it such a nightmare for me. I still remember when I was in high school the period pain does effect my routine and I thought I was going to die. I have to call my mum and ask my teacher permission to let me back to home. 

oh yah in case you probably not realize other benefit or can't see it clearly :P

"For Bust Enlargement, Firming and Feminine Beauty"

I guess you probably want this BIGGER BOOBS. well, I mean it's good for all girls!!

They also made with a natural ingredient which are their main ingredient is Lingonberry and Mulberry.

Each box comes with 10 bottles and it's very small. If you can imagine, it's really fit on my palm and it contain 22ml per bottle. I consume one bottle daily which is after breakfast or anytime I feel free. With a small bottle, it's really easy to carry around whenever you go that eventually make it convenient to drink. When you open up the cap, the rubber seal inside make the straw doesn't slip easily.

Fairy Blossom was given the title as 'Beauty Best-Sellers' by EH!, Female, and NuYou magazine. It was also awarded as the Special Awards Winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty (女人我最大), Mina and ViVi magazines. 

What about the taste?
The taste abit sour and abit sweet. It has a strong concentrated berry flavours. At first you can feel a bit sour then magically it's turn sweet and my throat can accept this flavour.

In the box, there are 4 things inside which is the brochure, 10 bottles, straw and also opener. So, basically you have to shake it well for about 3 or 5 second to mix the magic ingredient together and open the cap, take the opener and grab the straw and drink!! well, the opener not really functional as the straw already sharp enough to penetrate the rubber seal of the bottle. 

Well, just need to put some effort and keep discipline to drink this for four weeks!!
I've been using it like 2 weeks and it does a bit different changes but it wasn't as drastically happen as you thought. It does helping reduce my period nightmare but personally, I think this product really good for my mum age that help to reduce the wrinkles and this is perfect for her. I felt that this is actually a pretty good achievement coming from a naturally made beauty supplement plus you can get it with affordable prices.  I can give this 3 out of 5. 

omg! you know, right??? hhaha #hot

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