[Review] 3CE Lipstick Daily Lady #506

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Hello hello helllooooo *whispering to you

When we talk about 3CE I couldn't resist myself from not having it. Everytime when I search online especially when searching on beauty product I ended myself by buying it. It kinda a trend right now, just because of the model are too cute and I am the one who already been crazy with. So, instead of buying it online, I wanted to added up my lipstick collection because I only have 4 lipstick which most of them are the same colour. I have lotsa pop colour and the bright one, so I pick up one lipstick which not too bright yet natural at the same time for my next purchase.

Product: 3CE Lipstick Daily Lady
From: Korea
Suitable for: All skin type
Price in Korea: RM62.99 (StyleNanda's English website)


The packaging are too simple yet sleek design. Nothing could be claim for the design, everything was just too perfect. If you can see the picture below, the colour look a bit red, but I swear the colour are not that bright.

This is how actually the colour look like. In my impulsive way to show you the actual colour, so I swatches it so that you can see the clear shot of this lipstick. You're almost welcome. haha

Apply on my lips

I love the colour so much as it really suitable for daily use or even when I go to college. It's super easy to apply and super pigmented, just that it will dry out for cracked lips. If you can agree with me, I can say all of their lipstick everything should use the lip balm first. I love this lipstick more than 3CE creamy lip colour because this one is free smudge instead of the creamy one. I can directly applied on whenever in rushed time.

When we talk about 3CE lipstick we were impressed on how the colour stayed it is. The colour stay quiet long even your lips is touch the glass. It stick to your lips very well, if you could noticed at the end of the day. It moisturizing and won't dry out your lips which ultimately leaving you with smooth feeling and lightweight.

For the mature colour, this would be perfect. Surprisingly, my mum she like it when I applied on to her lips. She told me where I got this nice product because this colour suitable with her skin tone very well. In case you skin tone is a bit tanned, this supposedly brighten up you skin tone but just won't that good for fair skin tone, because the colour is a bit pale. It does look pinkish on the picture but when you coat 3 or 4 layers, it's start to go pale. 

As you can see the colour quite a lady colour. If you searching on for a lady colour, this is what you are looking for.

One more thing about the lipstick is that it does not that oily, because the more moisture the lipstick the more oily and goes on pretty heavy feeling sometimes. So, I think this is a good innovation produced from 3CE.

In term of price, it's quite pricey for me, for RM65 until RM77 for range price based on what I search online, too expensive. In case you are a beauty addict and won't care or concern about the price, definitely you will stick to repurchase again. I think the price is reasonable for a quality product claim. This lipstick a bit cheaper than their new collection which is creamy lip colour. The price much espensive than this one.

If you want to try some of their lipstick collection, you can buy it online or you may buy it at retail store, I think some of beauty store selling this brand, but I'm not sure where it is because some of my friend buy it at retail store but I forgot where it is. The price a bit expensive than the online sales it. So, be a good buyer and compare which one giving you the best price and at the same time quality product.

That's all for today. Till then have a nice nice days!


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