[Review] YADAH Air Powder Pact SPF35/ PA+++

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Hello everyone!! We've getting closer to the end of the years.. and also say hello to September!!! Back to review! I guess many of you have already heard about Yadah, right?? But if you don't let me give you some brief explanation

Shall we??

"Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc."

 I always that think Yadah's mascot/character is loveable yet cute. The character really simple and easy to remember... It will surely remind people about Yadah when they look at it. 

Quick Facts:

Brand:  Yadah 
Name: Yadah Air Powder Pact
Shade: No.21, Natural Beige
Size:: 9g, base diameter: 6cm
SPF: SPF35 / PA+++

It's only have two shades which is #19 Light Beige and #21 Natural Beige. I choose 21 because I think that my skin tone will be perfect in number 21 plus I want a skin tone that is not too light yet too dark. 

It comes with a white box and of course the packaging come with korean language at the back since it originally manufactured from Korea. The air powder pact was just same like a normal compact powder, plus the packaging of the pact were really really sturdy, So, if you're careless person who always fall off your compact powder then this air powder pact is for you.  

I think I made a good choice in choosing this shade for my skin tone, but it’s really not noticeable unless I pat on MASSIVE amounts.  As you can see the picture below is how it looks in natural lighting

Mostly, all compact powder, they provide us with the plastic cap and usually I just dumped it or might forget where I put it but this one you wouldn't lose it because it come with a plastic cap that stick together. You can separated between the powder and the puff. You can use it more longer! If you noticed the mirror, I have to say it was really big and I like it. You can see your whole face when you touch up of your makeup. It also can opens almost 170 degrees LOL

The puff were really soft!!

A little swatch from the powder pact.

The powder is so soft and evenly on my face. It gave me very natural and slippery finish. . It's also control oil and perfect for teenagers or those people who have oily face problem. Not really cracked and satisfied how the product work. It might be hard to tell, but if you can see the pictures, it does covered my fine section really well and there was no awkward settling within the wrinkles section. On the other hand, my laugh lines were covered well and no awkward laugh line created. 

It didn't do much to my discolorations; and frankly, it looked terrible on my dry nose because I had a flu before this and usually after getting a long flu my nose become flaky . That being said, it does really do well for wrinkles and pores (on non-dry areas)! I was able to completely cover the areas the I don't like and now it less noticeable.


Not! But then again, I don't have sensitive skin.

A little highlight of the ingrediant

No paraben, tar colour, benzophenone, artificial fragrance, mineral oi and animal ingrediant. Also contains sliding blurry powder that is good for covering pores and winkles effectively, providing a flawless finishing. Contain opuntia fictus, calms the skin and offers enough moisture

I must said that this product is yeah for me!

Whew, well that's it for Yadah Air Powder Pact review! For now, I think I'm going to take a deep breather and slow down on the reviews part for now on only in September. 

Alright, thanks for reading~


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