[Review] Yadah Bloom Mascara

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When was the last time you digging on mascara that suit your desired? For no reason you just grab on the mascara without you noticed how well the mascara work for you. Well, that's how exactly what I have been discovery for. I have been getting a lot of makeup products lately not because of the pacakging but the ingredient inside. Natural ingredient one of my favourite thing especially for my makeup. I guess many of you also heard about YADAH before?

"Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc."

 I always that think Yadah's mascot/character is loveable yet cute. It will surely remind people about Yadah when they look at it.

There are 2 types of Mascara which is the Bloom Mascara and Highlash Mascara! But, I'm going to do a review one of their mascara for today which is Bloom Mascara.

Bloom Mascara gives you a thicker looking lashes with higher volume while the Highlash Mascara focus more on the length of lashes!

Product: Yadah Bloom Mascara
Brand: Yadah
Effect: Volumizing the lashes
Capacity: 9g
Made in: Korea
Suitable for: All skin type

Before I'm going to proceed about the product I would like to highlight on the packaging. The packaging really simple yet sleek with just plain white background and pink font and of course not to be forgot Yadah mascot. Well, I can say that, the packaging wouldn't effect you to not use the product unless you do alert or care about the packaging.

Despite of loving the packaging, the Yadah Bloom Mascara utilities ample cellulose to enrich lash volume and curl. It claims to be removed easily with just lukewarm water. There aint any artificial fragrance, Sulphate Surfactant in it and 100% FREE from Paraben. Besides, the mascara is formulated with unique Opuntia Ficus to nourish lashes from long-term lash care and vitality. I believe that you will looking gorgeous with the  long and dense lashes.

If you can see the picture above, the mascara comes with a very high concentration of mascara as this product is a volumizing mascara and also comes with a rather curvy wand/applicator to create a denser finish on your lashes. I prefer to have a curvy mascara rather than the straight mascara because it smudge off easily especially my under eyes.

1 Coat

 2 Coat
 If you can look closely the mascara didn't seem volumizing the lashes maybe because I'm not properly coat that much for my lashes. 1 coat or 2 coat mascara, it just giving the same result for me. It darkened the fine end of my lashes so that it appeared my lashes more longer

I know this is the part that everyone is waiting for, well, I can say that this mascara amazed me how waterproof it is. I try washes off my lashes but the residue of the mascara was still there and I believe it can stay more longer. However if you touch it though, it smudge off completely. It come off very easily if you wee try to touch your lashes for second time.

 After I fully washed it with a warm water, some of the wet mascara strands rubbed off after touching my lower eyelid when I blinked

Curl holding ability:
You can see from the picture below, the mascara doesn't that curling my lashes very well, instead of using the curler.

 Based on how this product work for me, I say that this product is a natural mascara. With the curvy brush, I personally find it easier to apply it on my lashes in the inner corner of my eyes without smudging it all around my eyes. Removing the mascara was so much easier as well. I need not to apply any make up remover on it, just luke warm water as it claimed will remove all of the mascara from my eyes, making my cleansing procedure faster. I must say though, I am quite awed by its water-resistance, despite how painlessly it comes off with warm water!

Hope that was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask ^^


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