Yadah Oh My Sun Block 50ml

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How many of you love sunblock as I am?? and how many of you heard how important to apply the sunblock even in cloudy day like what beauty guru always said to you.. hmmm I know sometimes they like to mumble but I tell you they're right!! I swear when I was in high school I have zero knowledge about skincare nor makeup, but when I was seeing my friend they apply on that stuff, then I ask them what they put on their face and they said IT'S SUNBLOCK!!! You know girl important stuff!! ok whatever!!haha

When I was slowly growing up, I started to be into girl stuff! You know what I mean was from zero then learned by my own, spending on time watching youtube either skincare or makeup things whenever I have idle time. Now, as you can see me now, I've already fall in love with beauty. I saw on the web all people is talking about YADAH Yadahh Yadahhhh and been crazy talking about it, then I feel suspicious about their product and wanted to give myself a try, then I purchase it here!! ok ok I also saw Jane Chuck also love this product very much and had done a review about this product. You can see how bigger blogger influencer to you!!#evil laugh

Today, I would like to testing and review Yadah oh my sunblock plus all ingredient that they use 100% natural. Surprisingly, almost of their product content Opuntia Ficus Indica (aka the Indian or Barbary Fig). I believe that this extract is good for skin because cactus they can stain without water even in cool or hot whether, which I think it react the same features for our skin too.

"Opuntia Ficus extract, a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea. Opuntia Ficus is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin."

Brand: Yadah
Product name: Yadah Oh My Sun Block 50ml 
Made in: Korea
Capacity: 50ml
Effect: Sun Protector
How to use: Apply after using toner or before any outdoor activities.
Price: 50ml (RM44.10) and 20ml (RM17.90)


The texture

Blend it

and the coverage very smooth..

I was so surprise with this because before this my sunblock always leave me with an oily face but this one really make my face very happy. It's doesn't leave me with heavier feeling and super comfort. I love how this product work with smooth and soften with light-weight matt finishing. This sunblock also colourless so you can use this as on-the-go product to you and you can say bye bye make up remover. To be noted here, don't forget to clean your face, no matter how lazy you are, you still have to clean your face because this is very important.

I can described myself as stingy person whenever it called sunblock because of they don't really protect my face plus it burn out my face. I literally dumped away the sunblock even I use it once or twice. That's why I almost frustrated to buy it, but Yadah oh my sunblock does kill my nightmare. It's does not clog my pores and the most important when I was at outside, it never burn out my face, either!


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