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I come again with another 3CE product. Before this, I had done a review about the 3CE lipstick in the color daily lady but now with the color joyce. A perfect lipstick color for natural makeup looks. I never have this color before but in order to grab on the new color to test out, so pick this color.

The packaging almost the same which is sleek with the black color and perfecto. That show how elegant the brands are. It's elegant and some kind of mystery of the design box. haha The shape of packaging totally different. This version a bit skinny and compact than the previous version.

From: Korea
Effect: Coloring, Enhancing lip
Capacity: 4.5g
Suitable for: All skin type

"Cozy and amiable coral pink. With a pleasant cozy holiday feeling coral pink create a warm feeling, day after day"

Swatches under natural light

This new version have a double creamy texture into it than the previous lipstick.

The color of the lipstick is a bit pale with coral pink into it  but I love it. Very natural and perfect for natural makeup. The color is build-able, the more sweep, the more pale of the color. Besides that,the color is perfectly cover and it won't make your concealer runs out plus it save your concealer part. The color pay out is good too.

As for the texture, the lipstick very creamy, easy to apply and yet kinda of thick consistency. Surprisingly, it doesn't feel sticky at all and the color almost not smudge off when mouth open and close rapidly. Not only that, the lipstick very moisturizing and super hydrating enough which suitable for Malaysia climate especially for flaky lips.

After you had taken your meal, in term of long lasting part, I can say it is half out of 100 and that is normal. Maybe the lipstick are too creamy, I guess. The color is slowly fade off and not all but just a little of the colors. That 's good at least.

As for removing part, it's very easy and gently remove the lipstick instead of the bright lipstick color that take time to remove it. So, I believe or think that is depending on what type of remover you have use to remove. I am using Bifesta cleaning express makeup remover and it is just did an awesome job for me without causing any breaks out to me. So, it is hard to remove the lipstick? You judge yourself! Everyone have their opposite opinion.

In a conclusion, there are too much of lipsticks color in the market either the expensive or the cheaper one. It's is depend on how the lipstick do the job for you.  There's many way too if you're not a fans of lipstick. You can use minimal product and using finger to blend around, you will archive a nice  color yet with a very minimal color effect. It's perfect for creating gradient lips as well. I believe you know how to accentuate your lips. You are?

Color: The color super pigmented and was likely same at Stylenanda website. The color very unique and when I swatches it, the color turn a bit changes and I'm quite confuse.

Texture: The texture very sold and mild and easy to swatches at my lips. The lipstick moisturizes the lips and will not make your lips flaky at all. It won't be noticeable if you are not apply your lip balm. But, I will apply the lip balm to make my lips moisture and keep health.

Lasting: The lipstick super long lasting instead of you are finish your meal then the colour will faded away a bit. For me that will considered as normal.

Pros: sleek packaging, pigmented, soft texture, creamy, unique color.
Cons: Expensive
Price: RM68.00
Where to buy?

For more information, please visit to:

Stylenanda Official Website


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