BAG OF LOVE -Beautiful bag of 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products only in one bag

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It's the time to revealing of the most available beauty bag in Malaysia is Bag of Love. Since that this years will be ending soon, I thinks this is the perfect time for me to straight away showing you what I got from Bag Of Love. Today, the beauty bag that I am going to revealing of to you, hmm not to revealing it since that they already revealing it on Facebook in case you already likes them on Facebook you'll know it. To be uttermost, bag of love is one of my favorite beauty bag that comes with a beauty product that I like and wouldn't dumped it straight away!! and Modbox is the most sturdy box in Malaysia. Both beauty box and bag not really having a large competitor since all beauty box in Malaysia already died. In term of advertising and social publish, they should take an active part in any social platform and updates to promote their product so that beauty lover will be more alert their existence.

The bag are from November subscription which is the last bag since that they're focusing on Special Christmas Bag. The special bag are focusing on hair care product and like what I guess November bag. they are also comes with some hair care product to give. The bag quite different than the rest of bag of love and I think this is the most cutest bag and I like it. With a smaller head of teddy bear and love!! oh feeling so childish# haha


Let me show you what I got in a bag.

1. Schwarzkopf Professional essensity color and repair shampoo 50ml  and conditioner 50ml with marula oil, almond protein, organic pomegranate for damaged hair

2. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Oil Miracle shampoo 30ml and volume amplifiers 5 30ml

3. Schwarzkopf Professional hair theraphy FIBREFORCE 30ml for extremely damaged hair

4. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure hair therapy shampoo 2x 12ml for damaged hair

5. added items: NANO white INFINITY CC Cream in Natural Beige Color Correction Cream
 SPF50 PA+++

That's all 5 items in one bag!! Most of the product is hair care product from Schwarzkopf Professional. So, what do you think? I love all item included in this bag because I am a hair care lover!! I think this is the bag that provide with a greatest things inside. The size of the sample really make a sense, instead of 5ml. I wouldn't prefer for the size like that!

I just can't wait for different brands that they will put in a bag!!

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