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CandyDoll- Highlight and Blusher Review

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So, before I begin this review, perhaps this might a little late for me to review about this product but since I really wanna shared it with you, so I do this review for you. CANDYDOLL is a brand from Japan that offers a range of skincare and cosmetic products appealing to the inner sweet kawaii of every girl.The brand is used by the fashionable and trendy Japanese popteen model Tsubasa Masuwaka and made its debut in October 2008.

The packaging very simple in a transparent cover and just the Candy Doll words and logo printed on in black and white box. Very simple but there is a things that priceless inside. This packaging is the old version from Candy Doll but now much prettier and cuter. I'd prefer the new packaging lol lol plus plus with super cute model, Dakotakoti. From the website, I don't see any of the packaging like this anymore, maybe they has already ended the operation but they do have the new version with 2 different shades together instead of single blusher and highlighter. The blush and the highlight very small and travel-friendly and really fit well in your makeup pouches.

The highlight have 2 different shades which is Cream Beige and Marshmallow Purple and I picked the "Peach Pink" tone to bring out the fresh look. Cream Beige is a lighter beige color which can be used for nose shading or cheek shading too. It will make your looks more fresh and natural.

The next things is the blusher, there are 3 shades available which is in the shades carrot orange, peach pink and strawberry pink. Mine is in peach pink color blush. 

Highlight Ingredients :Talc, mica, titanium oxide, boron nitride, nylon-12, cetyl ethylhexanoate, dimethicone, diisostearyl malate, glyceryl isostearate, Mg stearate, jojoba seed oil, ultramarine, phenoxyethanol, Al hydroxide, tocopherol, methylparaben, red 226, iron oxide, ascorbyl tetra hexyldecanoate, olive oil, (HDI / trimethylol hexyl lactone) crosspolymer, silica, Na hyaluronate
On my arm which is almost UNNOTICEABLE at all 

So here is the swatches. Wait a minutes, I need your eyes to open up bigger and bigger to see the swatches clearly for the blusher and the highlight.

As you can see from the swatches above, the highlighter are less noticeable. and the shimmer are less. In my opinion, the highlighter would be nice for natural makeup look and help to enhance the natural and pure radiance look. Since that powder has medium pigmentation, so, it's slightly appear on my face but it is still visible. The shine is subtle and has fine pearls particles, use to make skin looks refresh and enhance my complexion. 

The blusher goes on really smooth and nicely pigmented, not powdery or having the feeling of the chalk is drawing on the face. The color look very very natural and refreshing the face even though not really noticeable on my face (like you’re not wearing any blush at all). I only apply a little of the blusher on my cheeks and the result still help me give off a radiance and not making me over-done.

Yeah and yeah you can built this blush to achieve your preferred baby pink cheeks~ you can go natural soft pink cheeks or vivid pink cheeks depending on how much you apply

Here is my face with Peach blusher and Cream Beige highlighter

Pros:  pigmented, soft texture, natural color, smooth application
Cons: Simple packaging
Price: RM59.00
Where to buy?

For more information, please visit to:

CandyDoll JP Official Website


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