Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Eyeshadow Palette- All-in-one palette that you'll need for a complete look

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It's certainly like nothing to see this palette but when I get hands on it and play with it, I must say I totally love it. Let's be honest here. I'm not sure at first sight when I saw it online because I managed to get myself single eyeshadow instead of bulky eyeshadow and heavy palette. After watching and see it, numerous makeup junkie recommend this palette so badly, I still don't get what's the special this palette are. It doesn't look much special in it once you open it and nothing special with romance color as it focus on to basic color. Until I tell myself, I must get this palette.

Once I get this palette on my hands, and try it, you know when you play something fun, you totally can't get enough with it. This palette full with more matte type of eyeshadow and smokey palette, which also mean there are bunch of color that you can play with it. As a credit, i'm totally surprise with the shape of the palette. Truth be told, I thought this palettare bigger. Well, they’re not. They fit right onto the palm of your hand, which ultimately makes them very practical for travel or for just carrying around in your makeup bag for touch-ups during the day. The palette is made from sturdy black plastic and I love the simplicity of such packaging. It also includes a large, clean mirror that quite functional and very helpful.

The palette contain 12 shades eyeshadows which mean you're paying less and save more instead of MAC single eyeshadow! The palette very suitable for those people who are like romantic smokey eyes plus the names for each of eyeshadow very quite romantic to me,,ehem you'll get 9 shimmer shades1 matte shade and 3 matte shades containing somewhat larger glitter particles on it.

I won't describe how I feel from each shadow ( until I keep on rumbling like nobody care) but one thing that I wanna share with you is that the black eyeshadow really helpful enough. I'll try to create a wings to replace my eyeliner. Lately, I am quite lazy to use eyeliner because to clean it up take a lot of time and a bit stressful.

The swatches were made in daylight without an eye shadow base, it glides perfectly, rich in color, high pigmentation, goes on smooth without feels irritation and most important easy to blends. I found out that shadow little bit too powdery, it's doesn't make my eyes full of tearness. Now, that's the positive reason for those who are sensitive eyes like me. As you can see that even though the pigmentation of these shadows is pretty impressive on its own, the color like the lighter ones a bit unnoticeable here but trust me it does do a good job, so I would definitely recommend it. 

Anyway, after I used this for the first time, I am actually blown away with this palette and play it with much fun on it. I love everything in this palette plus the price of this palette very affordable instead of urban decay that does claim us with a great pigmentation but the price slightly expensive. If you are a beauty budget and love makeup like mine, I'll definitely recommend this palette to you.

I think this palette would also appeal to those of you who are usually wear a natural makeup because like what does is claim obviously, the color are pretty soft and and neutral. As far as quality goes, I found out the brush is not friendly at all to me. The brush is just like low quality style and I hope they will replace with a compact shadow brush at one and a multitasker brush at another end. But, that's not my actually the point that I care about the brush because I have my own eyeshadow brush but somehow we do need the compact brush sometimes. It would be an extra credit if they do that.

And since this is obviously my first sleek makeup palette, but not my last Sleek palette, give me your recommendations…which one should I get next?


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