Unboxing Fashion Culture Box- Revealing the fashion in just one box.

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Hello my little cutie pie!!! I'm just so excited this month probably because my last semester or this coming new years or probably both. As you know, we are now very close to countdown of 2015 and the end of the year 2014. December might be the month that all girls really can't wait for CRAZY SALE!! I know..*I am watching you girls* .  Everywhere I go, there must be a SALE, 50% 70% 60% oh oh no!! I'm totally died right now because I don't really have a good financial this month. Books for university student like me, quite expensive and that's why I have to kill my hope right away!! So, I'll try keep resist from not buying anything except for some necessary things. Maybe next years, I guess!!

So, before I keep on rumbling about my daily life, let's we straight away to the point. oh before that I have another beauty box that I 'll be unbag for bag of love. So, stay tuned for this weeks... Well, today I would like to unbox about Fashion Culture Box. I am pretty sure you know about this. That kinds of unreaveling of fashion items in a box *monthly subscription box*. As short, same like beauty box subscription.

I have not really bad experience I'll might said but just having a little inconvenience experience during my purchase at their website. The story goes like this..The admin has missed out my october pink subscription  *i guess* they email me that the items that the sponsor would like to give was not arrived yet.. so I wait patiently and until I wait for like half month. Then I decided to inbox them to tell that my box was not arrived yet.. then the admin decided to give me the Victoria Secret subscription that quite expensive than my original paid. That's good due to my patient plus the admin replying my message very faster and very nice.They should improve this kinds of service especially their website is a little bit down. So, if you have the same experience then tell me at the comment box down below.

The first things that I will revealing of is, the bracelet. I thinks I had already seeing this at some kiosk shop at Berjaya Times Square and I truly don't like it. Maybe because of my problem,I really cannot wear a bangle like this plus it is just too big for me. I don't like this kinds of bangle. I'll might giving this as a giveaway for the next years giveaway. *maybe January*

The next things is 2 x sample size of Dr Nano labcel eye care Bio Curative Skin Ampoule. It comes with a tiny tube bottle and it said that it is suitable for problematic skin which suffers from excessive oil excretion, acne, redness and irritation. I'll might put a high expectation for this product since it is originally from Dr Nano labcel which is a trusted brands names.

plus with Dr Nano Voucher worth RM18.00

The next things is a dress. I can say that I liked it but at the same time, I hate it. Like what I said just now, I already seeing this dress at some nowhere retail shop at Berjaya Times Square. To be honest, I'm quite curious where the items are from. The quality of this dress is a bit low and the detail how it sewn, might a bit like pasar malam style.  In term of positive aspect, the dress quite comfy and not to over plus with a classy feeling into it.

The last things that I love from all of items in Fashion Culture Box is the bag. I definitely will use this for my everyday hangout with my friend. You can see how pretty it is. Super handy and the most important is it can fit all my important items really well. Smaller and classic . I've been eyeing on this kinds of bag for such long time. I love this bag so much. truly love!!haha trust me
How excited am I showing the photos so crazy!! Don't be jealous!!haha

 again so so so pretty!!!!

That's all of 4 items included in one box of Fashion Culture. I'll might said all of the items can be accepted for me at least they giving us one things that makes us like it. That's what we called surprise box. Not all of the items that included together we will like it. It is just mediocre surprise box and I'll be waiting for another big surprise box that make me wanna said WOW!!

I hope that they will included together with a magazine on what theme that we choose, since I already forgot what the theme that I choose and fix the service.

Overall, I like it except those experience.

So, what do you think??

For more info or interested to purchase, here the links

*This is not sponsored post and this post is based on my truly opinion and my truly review*


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