Review- Mon Amour Skincare - Get an intense hydration moisturizer with just a cream

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Hello cutie pie!! It’s has been awhile since my last update and I am totally miss my blog like a lots. My life going to be hectic these month and next month and I’ll try to make sure that I can fight with the times to blog. So, today, I’m going to blog about my very miss topic is a reviewing product.  Today, the product is Mon Amour Skincare. Shall we start it??

Before continuing my explanations in detail about the review, let’s we know the brand first if you’re not even heard it before.  Mon Amour is stands for “My Love” in the French language and the product contains with a secret Snail Ingredient that heals almost every wound & scar. The best thing about this skincare line is the ingredient used is 100% natural ingredient with effective result.

There are numerous kinds of product in Mon Amour brands such as toner, facial treatment cleanser, hydrate moisturizer, and collagen gel mask. I had been given a try by HiShop which is Snail Hydrate and Moisturizer.

Anyway, I use the skincare product before I do the review about it. First of all , in term of the texture, it is mostly look like a normal night cream and the texture very light and moisture. It’s contain, beta-glucan that help to strengthen the skin naturally.

If you are concern with the scent, the scent feel a bit weird or it’s really have the same scent like night cream and I am actually can deal with it since I am not concern with that. But aftet long time use, I found out thay I couldn't bear with the scent anymore because I started to vomit once I applied it on my face.

How to use: Apply moisturizer to face using gentle upward strokes, making sure moisturizer absorbs into skin.

Feel like my skin have been tightened and my face smells really gooodddd

For a few minutes after application, it feels sticky when you pat on. When it dry, it leave my skin with dull finish and much smoother than before. Somehow, the bad thing is that my concern area such as my nose and chin is a bit oily. As stated in the packaging, if there is a residue oily on your face, just lightly blot with the tissue. This snail mucin hydrates lightweight daily moisturizer and provides antioxidant protection while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant.

When I use this moisturizer at night especially, the next morning when I washed my face, it  feel like jelly sticking on your face but it doesn’t feel like too much. You just need to wash the face well. It’s also help to tighten up the skin especially for those who are stay up until night, commonly a student. I used to apply this especially in the morning and before sleep. To get best result, I’ll recommend you to applied at night because it is more effective because your face lost a lot of water during a day and only night you can maintain the capacity of water in your face so It’s does help to keep your face moisture naturally.

For me, these are more too mask type but not in a heavy form. The difference is that is the texture and how liquidity the products are.  The liquidity of this moisturizer is much higher compare to daily mask. The best things are, you can applied it every day. But I found out, since that this is in jar form moisturizer, it is hard to know how much amount that you are going to use and lead to wastage. I don’t want to feed myself with how wasteful am I. LOL.  I think it is better to use the spatula.

Overall, I like this product so much because it doesn't feel to heavy on my face except for the scent. 

Have a great mon amour with your skin!!

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