Snovits Hydra Glow Essence- Everything is about glow matter

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Let's start the week with some skincare review shall we. There are numerous skincare line in Malaysia and the different is that how effective the product are, but do you know there are another skincare things that you should know except cleanser, toner and so on? The answer is essence. The product that I am going to give a shot today is SNOVITS Hydra Glow. I have been loving their skincare product so much these days. This product focus on hydration, firming, brightening, and anti-inflammation. These series are suitable for any skin type especially dry skin. I receive and used this product pretty much months ago. 

It is a night essence that Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Stable Vitamin C, and Grape Seed Extract, the specialized formulation of this Essence provides proven visible results on hydration, clarifying, brightening and pore minimizing on your skin. I do have another essence that contain hyaluronic Acid but I found out when too much application, it makes my skin redness and I discontinue from using it. Basically, this essence same like wearing a mask but in the light form. It takes a few minutes to diffuse into skin. Surprisingly, I never heard any essence that have to rinse off after 30 minutes apply on skin.  Usually, normal essence we have to apply the essence after daily care regimen and this product you can feel it after 30 minutes apply. so WOW leh

It visibly improves uneven skin tone, dull, rough and pigmentation skin with de-inflammatory effect for acne prone. If you have a sensitive skin, I'll might suggest this product to you because it suit for every skin type.T his have been in my skincare routine products for a very good time, well you can tell that I love this so much! I am a fan of this brands a lots because it does claim a good benefits to my skin. 

My opinion: I love the packaging plus it comes with "pump" dispense that prevent from bad hygienic and bacteria. Two pump of this is enough for the whole face. The texture? Its some kind of a thick and if I not wrong, it's a gel. Absorb fast and does not feel sticky at all. This is what I love about it. It's does not have overpowering smell and smell just so nice. It have a scent tho but it smells fresh and light. That's what all mask is claim for. What I can say after a month of using this, my skin hydrates and feels so radiant. Price wise, it is a lil expensive to young girls out there but this last months plus what it's claim is true. I still can finish it since I have been using it for months. Since Snovits is a brand that I never heard before but from now on I can recognize it as a product that really good to try. The best things is that it does not give an adverse side effects to me. I really recommend this to all of you that are looking for a nice Essence that does not feels sticky and easy to use.

Name : SNOVITS Hydra Glow
Price : RM168.00
Where To Buy :
Net Weight : 50ml
Major Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Stable Vitamin C, Grape Seed, Olive Extract, Rose Essential oil

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