Livyoung - Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells

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This mask is interesting because it contain Apple stem cells! Yes apple!! Apple is the best ingredient to make the face more elasticity. The mask itself has intense brightening effect, anti-aging and moisturizing effect that will leave the skin bright, moist, elastic and smooth. As far as elasticity and brightening effect, it's hard to say anything definite because it is a sheet mask after all, and I'm hesitant to draw conclusion after only using a twice but the unique point of this mask is the ingredient use.


I found out, a little advice for you, don’t unfold the mask without towel underneath where you unfolding it. Better apply the mask in front of the sink where the mirror is so that you can put the mask on properly. The excess jelly (essence) may drop on the floor and messy the place. For better application, put it in the fridge/freezer before application if you want more extra cooling and soothing effect.

The mask rich with gel!!! GEL!!!! It’s a gel product that’s super lightweight. Once applied the sheet mask, it spreads easily on the skin, bathing your skin in immediate hydration. I also feel like the essence or gel kinda penetrate into my skin very faster. It has a wonderful scent that isn’t overwhelming – even when I shove it straight to my nose and take a deep whiff. It is said to be formulated so that it relaxes and soothes your mind (aromatherapy), and subsequently gives you a good night’s sleep.

The texture is very thin but the most special is that the texture kinda gel or something those lines. I couldn't describe what it is but something like gel. If you could imagine the texture of aloevera than supposedly you know what it is really look like. There is a lot of gel(serum) in the mask. Not only the mask is plenty saturated by both side but it is also easy to use the excessive amount of serum for neck, hand and more.

I don't know if you have a problem wearing the mask because of the size but this mask fit well at my face. My face are not too small or big, it is just mediocre. It's feel wet and moisturizing, thought not too different from other sheet mask. After removing the mask, my face was wet  for about 10 minutes before the serum dried up. Then, it was sticky for a few more hours. The stickiness kinda a bit annoyed but mostly the mask should be claim for it. As far as the skin texture, I didn't or feel anything except it give  shining effect on my face. It does claim on the product and it is true.

It comes with a box and contain 10 pieces. I never heard this brands before but it is a good choice to try out different types of mask selling in the market plus I enjoy wearing this mask. I'm practically obsessed with this mask. Thanks again for HiShop for this product.

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