REVIEW- Etude House Play 101 pencils, Fun pencils to play with

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If you know famous Korean youtubers PONY, then you'll know what product that I'm gonna review today. Everyone was curious about it, how does only single pencil can works so many things? Since it has already released, everyone try to grab it even just for one pencil. There are tremendous shades available which is 50 different colours was release for their multipurpose pencil. I couldn't resist to buy all of them although I'll try to keep myself to use my unused makeup yet but I just can't because all the colour release really tempt me so much.

I decided to get 7 of them, but my heart couldn't resist to own all of them. *scream.  It was so hard to decide, since there are so many colour and there are different types too make me double crazy about it. You can choose either matte, glossy, creamy, shimmer and glitter available up your own taste. My ideas to get the shade in 5 (glitter), 7 (creamy), 12 (creamy), 14(matte), 19 (matte), 47 (shimmer) and 49(matte). You can use these pencil not only for eyeliner but as a blusher, eyeshadow, lip stain or eyebrow pencil. Obviously, all the pencil comes with a super pretty box and colourful when mixed them together. The number are written in front of the box so it is easily to pick up the desired colour plus the font size are larger which is double credit for it.

As we know, there are description at the back of the box which is in Korean language and English at the other side of the box. I didn't even know that the sharpener was included but I know that most of the korean product they already provide us with the sharpener. The pencil itself made of grey plastic with the protective cap and the sharpener at the upper side. In short, like pencil eyeliner. The bottom of the pencil again marked with the colour and number.

“This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.
Directions:Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after use. When using sharpener, insert lead and sharpen while turning slowly.”

The colour super pigmented like no 12 which is very usable because can be use as a blusher, lipstick and eyeliner. I found out when I glided the pencil as eyeliner, it seem that the application kinda smudge off but overall was okay for me. For colour 5, I used mostly at my inner corner of my eyes to make the eyes 'pop' and looks 'aegyo-sal'. Other than that, all pencil glides perfectly fine on my skin. In case you asked me which one will be my favourite shade? I will said that all of them because I used all of them quite a lot recently. I am totally rushing girls because I don't like people are waiting for me just for makeup. This is definitely up my alley.

I'm definitely happy with my choice even there are so many selection out there but I ended up using it. The price is okay and if you're smart getting these while it is on sale, then it will more good. 


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