[REVIEW] K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1day Tattoo

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There are so  many brush-tipped eyeliners out in the market, but it is so difficult to find the perfect eyeliners. Most of the eyeliner a bit rare for me. Some of the eyeliner prompt to smudge-off, too harsh and non-waterproof as well. Eyeliner bring the important roles for eyes because it's help to widen the eyes and make the eyes "pop".  K-palette is a famous brands in Japan and their eyeliner totally hit the market when it was first time penetrate the market. It's rich with a long-wearing formula and a joy to play different eye looks.

Let's begin the review with K-palette real lasting eyeliner. Shall we?? I guess from the mediocre question about the eyeliner, there is a most important question which is: Is this works for the long-wearing? Totally yes. The eyeliner delivers a darker black and the most important is the long-wearing formula. Is this good for oily skin? Totally yes. Only one eyeliner can solve you eyeliner problem even for the beginner. It's easy to apply plus the brush really soft and not too harsh. It's flat on one side when you want a thick lines and pointed on another side for fine lines. For the comparison, I think K-palette eyeliner have a very pointed brush instead of Dollywink.

This eyeliner as you can see from the cover, it's state the eyeliner is a long-wearing almost 24 hours. However, I found out that the eyeliner does not stand for 24 hours, it's started to fade away after 8 hours. I'm not sure if the eyeliner will quickly fade away when there is a different climate, since that Malaysia have a normal sunny weather always.

Overall, K-Palette eyeliner is pretty good to try out. I would repurchase it when it's run out. LOL >,<


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