Review- SleeK Makeup True Colour Lipstick contains Vitamin E

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Sleek makeup has to be my favourite drug store makeup after all. They also comes out with a brilliant product to try out plus their makeup really colour friendly and everything just looks pretty affordable to me. So, today the product that I will give a shot is Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick. They are 14 shades available and I truly love all the colour and might I wanna own all of them. There's also a great selection for bright colour so if you love bright colour, there are up your alley. I love most of the range because it contain so many vibrant, bright colour and bold colour that you don't see any drug store ranges. The shades I own today Cherry 790. 

I actually bought it from Perhaps this will give an ideas for you maybe just a little if you're thinking to get hands on for this.

When you purchase the lipstick, basically it comes with cute little box. The packaging kinda giving you the feeling luxurious and sleek. The tubes are black and understated. The size really small and fit very well on your makeup pouches or your purse.

There are two types of Sleek Makeup True Colour lipstick which is sheen and matte. Obviously sheen has a shiny and creamy finish and matte are not. Some of the matte lipstick kinda dry but if you know how to used it then the application will be much nicer. 

Cherry is actually deep berry red that neutral enough in undertone that can be pretty much looks good for all skin tone as it help to brighten up the skin tone. It's pretty good for fall and winter shade.

It is super easy to applied and I don't really have so much problem with it because sheen lipstick are less problematic, apply easily and evenly. This will be my favourite shade because I'm quite a big fan of red lipstick instead of nude lipstick.

All in all, I love this lipstick much more because they are long lasting, vibrant and great fun to wear and play.


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