Review- Ampoule intense cushion SPF34/PA++ 15G

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Back then, foundation and bb cream totally hit because of their coverage and long-lasting, but as the time goes by, people tend to opt for something that look natural and low coverage. I do agree, as the time keep rotating, people want to try something new, not only in tech but in beauty too. I do ask few of my friend whether they like heavy coverage or natural coverage . Most of them choose natural coverage because they feel the application are much easier and no need a lot of time to spend on to give a layered coverage. That's what "asian" said.. but for western, they might prefer for high coverage * i guess

Cushion definitely become a good choices because not only the application much easier but more natural. 

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natural light

What it claims: An Ampoule Intense Cushion that keeps your skin from drying and restores moisture with every touch.

Super compact and not bulky at all, plus easy to bring anywhere I go. To compared, I think Hera cushion are much bigger than Innisfree cushion. The divider between product and sponge storage is divided, so don't worry about hygienic. Everything is safe. :)

Scent: Innisfree brands as you know, they are more to herbal ingredient, so this cushion have herbal scented into it. I admit that, the scent sometimes kinda disturb me but at the end, the scent is gone. I would like to say, I hate it but I love it* because it's tea herbs* *peculiar feeling*

Ease of Use: Beginner people, this product is for you! Really easy. The sponge actually helps alot because the sponge will give you smooth application. 

Texture/How it feels when applied:
It give a cooling effect once I pat on my face. Light and easy to blend. It give dewy finish and I like it. Pat on and you're done! EASY right!

Pigmentation/Coverage: It's does not cover any  spots and acne scar pretty good, but it really does cover the redness very nicely. I might say it is more to light to medium coverage.  It's give a dewy finish at a few minutes but then tends to adsorb and look pretty natural on the skin. Mine, in the shades 21 which have a yellow undertone shade which is not too bright or dark.

  • Product Code : 10474
  • Package Quantity : 15G
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Overall : Again, I don't recommend this for people who love heavy coverage because the main purpose is to make your face hydrated and also to cover up acne. It's really good for daily makeup and on-the-go makeup. Only one application, you will protected with SPF34 PA++, which is pretty good and have Jeju Green Tea Seed Oil for long-lasting hydration effect. I really love this product so  much because I can use this during my lazy day and casual day makeup mood. I suggest don't put makeup powder together once you apply this because,  I found out they are not good together. It give me kinda sticky and caking feeling. What I like alot is the sponge, I use it to blend out my concealer under my eyes and it's so easy. 


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