Review- Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

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Hey guys! So, here we are the cushion to added up in my collection. We know that the cushion crazy are not yet faded! That's why I'm here to post about it. Today, i will review about Etude House Precious Mineral Any cushion. As you can see this cushion is pretty unique. Why it's unique? This is because of innovation and it's called "cell-trap". I know this sound pretty like science going on but it really does. I won't blame the science because they found it first because I've never and ever thinking of it before and it's brilliant!lol The best part is that you can carry it around without super bulky foundation or bbcream.

The product is actually claim for beautiful pearly bright skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects. There are 4 shades available which are Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Natural Beige,and Honey Beige and I have here in the shades natural beige. The application really easy and everyone knew how handy this babe are and the cushion itself a lil bit bigger than my Innisfree cushion. The smell really nice and pleasant and not too sting. 

When I pat on face, it give me a medium cooling effect which I really like and the coverage are just nice. It's doesn't cover up the acne or dark spot very good even I layered the dark spot 2 or 3 times, it's still obvious. I might say its a dewy finish at a few minutes application but then it tends to adsorb and look pretty natural on the skin. The shades that I pick up are in the shades Natural Beige which it give me a very natural finish and doesn't look like I am wearing a foundation or bbcream on my face. It's natural. It's also have SPF50+ which pretty good because I don't need to apply sun block since it's already have in the cushion itself.

For oily skin, I won't suggest this cushion for you because it is a lil bit oily for long hours application or if you want to try this cushion, it's better to apply powder on top after application so that it's stay in place.

*4 shades*

N02 Light Beige
C02 Rosy Beige
W13 Natural Beige
W24 Honey Beige

Name : Etude HousePrecious Mineral Any Cushion 
Price : RM109.90 (Case + Refill) 
Availability : Any Etude House outlets in Malaysia (for Malaysia) *There are 4 shades available which is 
Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Natural Beige,and Honey Beige*
Made in : Korea 
Weight : 90g

Size : 15 g / 0.52 oz


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