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Review- Iope AIR CUSHION Blusher

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Hey guys!! Welcome again to my blog (sound weird) Hope y'all going fine and today I will do a review about makeup! It's blusher! yep even though the images really look like bb cushion but it's blusher. Wuhoo!! ok.. calm down! When I started collecting makeup, this blusher was one of my first ever blusher in a liquid form or cushion form (definitely) and yep it's pink! I truly admit that I really love IOPE brands and their famous product which is the cushion really penetrate the market. I'm not try the cushion yet because their price (really expensive) and everyone talked about this."you need to get this cushion, you need this, like seriously"

The blusher comes in 2 shades which is in rose pink (normal pink blusher) and peach sherbet ( like orange coral). The shades that I got is rose pink. This blusher has been in the market quite a long time and bad things is it's not available in Malaysia, so you need to get it online. So, what's the product claim for? Basically, it will give you soft radiant finish and natural look. As you know, mostly korean they're really love shiny and radiant finish, so this product really more to korean taste. It's doesn't give you matte finish but in natural way which is not too much. It's really great for beginners. Its  smooth and has a nice pigmentation which means application and controlling the color to be applied is easy. As you can see from the picture, the blusher doesn't show up so much because of the product claim which is natural. If you're looking for natural blush, I'll be suggest this babe for you but if you like more prominent or bright colour blush, this might not for you. Using the air puff provided in the cushion and slightly pat on many times for more natural look, might be help you! I also recommend to use it at last stage or else the blusher doesn't show up. So, it work very well on me.

All in all, I do love this blusher so much because it doesn't give me that cakey feeling or give me the feeling to say "no and no" for this. It's pretty new here in Malaysia and I don't find and drugstore or high-end product do the same things like this cushion. So, it's really a brilliant way or if you do find the same method like this cushion, tell me! I am really glad to know!

Name : Iope AIR CUSHION Blusher (available in 2+ different shades)
Price : RM100.00
Shades Available : 2 shades ( You can choose here, link )
Where To Buy/Order :
Net Weight : 10g


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