Review- Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick in #3 and, #7

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Hello everyone!
Today, I'm going to blog about my current obsession which is a lipstick. I know many men out there probably going to tell this, 'You don't need all those lipstick, what you all need is a man''. I have 20 shades of lipstick now, and I know this is just small amount for a girl but for man, this is too much. lol. Don't blame me why but being a girl, I couldn't resist from this temptation at all. I keep buy and buy and buy.hahahaha

Back into topic, the product that I really want to try is this lipstick. I hear so many good review about this thing, so yeap! Review is up now! These lipstick were released as part of their fall 2014 collection. I know it take long time for me to do this, but hey who's care *evil* . Actually I was planning to buy them earlier but I kind of get side tracked with other things like my super hectic student life.

I've been buying a lot of lip product lately, especially some darker and light colour because they're absolutely sitting very nice in the shop and I couldn't resist it all plus I am really fan that colour very much. haha. Because I was so crazy, I ended up buying two lipstick. I bought #7 Cherry Red and #3 Cream Coral but there's 8 colours available as well. ^^

I absolutely adore how Innisfree team work for their packaging. Everything comes in a sturdy box and good quality.  It has the colour indicator on the base of the case, and on the inside it has a short description of the product.

'' A rich essential lipstick with camellia oil & fitting formula''

These lipstick is actually have pleasant scent into it. I can't tell what exactly it is but I swear, I love the scent.

The lipstick really easy to apply but please be aware do not pull out the lipstick too much, because the lipstick may fall because it's really really creamy. It has great colour pay-off as well. I have mixed feeling where I feel that this is similar too nivea lip balm in term of application on it own, because I feel the same feeling when I wear this lipstick. Despite that, it feels moisturizing because of the main ingredient use which is  Camellia oil. The lipstick glides very smooth and feel so buttery. I think I don't need to apply the lip balm under it because the finish is creamier, smoother and very shiny. If you have dry lips, I recommend this lipstick for you.

The red colour is just mediocre for me. It wasn't too bright or too red. The advertised picture shown are not exactly true. But I love this because I can wear this everyday because the colour are just too perfect for everyday and same goes to cream coral. The lipsticks last around 3 hours before fading gracefully into a faint tint. The colour still appears even, which is very great since some lipsticks or lip tints become uneven or blotchy after they fade a bit. I hate this! It survives eating and drinking quite well, but the gloss disappears after consumption so you'll need to retouch back.

ahh I heard that in Korea, a girl who are doing a makeup in the train or elsewhere,this considered as nothing for them, but in Malaysia, It's quite peculiar and might people started staring at you. lol

It's shiny!! ^^
#7 Cherry Red 

 #3 Cream Coral 

#7 Cherry Red and #3 Cream Coral 

so scary my eyes!!
Sorry because my eyes are too scary because I've done finishing makeup tutorial and will blog about it next blog post! ok

All in all, I am fond this lipstick very much, not only the price very reasonable but the quality is great also. There's 10 shades available from the lighter pinks and corals, or the bolder reds and berry colours. I'm not going to considered this as a lipstick but this is more to lip balm or lip tint.

For your information, they are 2 types of lipstick which is creammellow and color glow. The Creammellow lipsticks have a glossy finish, while the Color Glow lipsticks have a more subdued dewy finish. They are also comes out with another one which is Creamy tint lipstick.

I bought mine at during sale!! yeap! So, I save a lot!yeah


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