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Review Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick- Flashing

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More Makeup Revolution for you girls!! and today I will talk about their amazing and affordable lipstick. The lipstick claim to be a lipstick that will amazed you with the quality of the lipstick. It's definitely a must have lipstick because the price is only RM8.00 each, so that you can collect them all. Over 20 shades of this creamy, long-lasting lipstick with high colour payoff. From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy, there is something to suit everyone.

The packaging comes with a black basic lipstick packaging. There is nothing special to talk about the packaging. Basic and simple.

It's also has colour indicator on top of the cap, so that you can easily determined what colour of the lipstick it is.

The colour of the lipstick is very like a neon pink lipstick. When I saw the picture of the lipstick on their website, the colour are more to deep pink lipstick. But when I received it, the colour is totally different.

In term of price, I swear, I really like how affordable this lipstick. With only RM8, you can simply grab all the shades with an affordable price. It is called the £1 lipstick over the UK. The lipstick really creamy as they mention on it and I love the texture.

They are not long-lasting at all. Before I bought the lipstick, I'm not expect to much because since the price only RM8 each. The pigmentation is also not like what I expected. When I swatch it on, the colour are so pretty and nice but when I try on my lips, it doesn't show off that much. It just dry and not pretty at all at my flaky lips. So, my solution is, I will wear Etude House Play101 Pencil, No.17 as a base and I top up another layer with this lipstick. The result pretty good. Some people might say, 'if you don't like the lipstick,why not you just dumped it'. Well, I don't want the money that I paid for the lipstick gone without no reason even the cost is only MY8. It's a waste.I also hear that their nude shade lipstick are not good as the colour payoff doesn't show that much. Some shade may be okay but rest may be not.

Overall, Only RM8, you get what you pay for. Don't expect too much like Mac Lipstick quality. I heard they also have a dupe version for Mac Lipstick. Maybe it is not in Malaysia yet. Actually, they are pretty good for people who are under budget. They have wide variety of colour. If you are looking for a great lipstick but an affordable price, you may check their lipstick collection or if you're planning for costume party or halloween, but you don't know where should you buy and only use once, you're better go shopping with them. They also have blue, purple, green and more.

Brand: Makeup Revolution
Name: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Flashing
Price: RM8.00


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