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Althea KR Your one stop shop for K-Beauty

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I haven't been to korea yet and I hope someday my wish will be come true. I know a lot of people have been to Korea but I had never got this chance yet but I'll make sure I will. The first place that I really seek to go is Myeongdong street. The place for beauty lover. As you probably know, I really love korean product and most of my blog review is korean product. So, before my wish come true, I have to keep it aside, because I found something cool that catching my eyes which is Althea.

If you wondering, what is Althea. A name? Flower? Food? Planet? Alien? oh Don't think that much girls? Althea is a beauty online shop or we called it as beauty paradise shop that selling a numerous korean beauty from head to toe. They are also aim to introduce K beauty items to whole world and to make sure all people can have that experience. Mine also feel that experience lol

They are still new in the market but what I fond is the variety of K-brands. I hope that they will bring more K-brands such as Aritaum and Espoir. All their product are genuinely from Korea which means you are actually buy directly from Korea. So, you can tell your friend with cocky;

You     : I buy this from Korea.
Friend : When did you go to Korea and how come??
You     : Well, my parcel is actually with my hired pilot, so, today I got the parcel. You don't believe                 me? You should believe wey!'

What priviledge that you'll get?

1. FREE SHIPPING Directly from Korea on orders over RM150!

2. Althea Authenticity Guarantee

3. Price Match Guarantee

4. Unconditional Returns for 30 Days

What I love more about this site is once you made your purchase with them, your items will be packed nicely and neatly in a box. The packaging are so freaking cute because the colour are too girly which is pink. I know this sound to overboard but yeap I say the true things.

So, what about the price?
All the items are selling at lower price than other online shop. I compare and review them, definitely althea win my heart more. Plus, with the various selection of product to choose from, it sure beats the person to buy more and more. Each price has been cut down at very discounted price. If you are in a budget, definitely tick your wishlist to buy some product from them.

All product are purchase from their site 

For example this product: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick. when I saw this online, the price is about RM45 and above in Malaysia but with Althea, they're selling at RM33. This definitely a real and ALSO everyone exaggerate how good this product are which is Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask. I'm quite curious, so, guess what! I bought it too. HAHA

They are also very generous because they give me some sample and sheet mask too!!

I have great experience purchase from them. The parcel arrived within 1 weeks after made the payment, even though the parcel are from korea but it's just take you one weeks or less than that. They also provide you with tracking code, so you won't missed when delivery come.

#all product purchased using my own money


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