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Review- INNISFREE Creamy Tint Lip Mousse

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Innisfree is always my favourite korean brands for all time. As always, I'm going to do a review about one of their  product which is Innisfree creamy tint lip mousse. It always remind me about their creamy lipstick and I guess this might the same version too.

I'm kinda scared to try any lip lacquer without moisturizing effect on it which eventually make my lips too scary to stared. 

I bought in no. 3 which is the best selling in korea right now! The colour are more too coral but it has a bit of red colour touch on it. This babe work finely if you want to create a gradient lips. Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse comes in a long transparent cylinder tube and white cap on top. The colour of the lip tint are easily to identified too.

The wand are too easy to use. I find that the applicator is the perfect size to fit into any corner of your lips. The wand also applies the product evenly and I've never had an issue with these. The best word for these is SMOOTH.

Obviously, the colour are too pigmented isn't it? Somehow, the colour get me confused no matter how far I'll try to describe the actual colour it is. The colour is more too coral but sometimes it looks orange red colour.

The mousse texture are just too creamy and it doesn't feel too powdery like 3CE lip lacquer. The mousse spread evenly for full lips or even gradient lips. I found out, it does not work with flaky or dry lips like me which it ended up making my dry lips too obvious. That's my problem. lol If you have a very nice lips, this might work well for you. I always envy when people wore lip lacquer and the colour stay perfectly there. urghh The colour stay longer. I swatch on my hand and the next day the colour still there. The colour can be lessen if you don't like a bright and bold colour.

The best thing about this is the scent. The scent remind me about chewy gum. Somehow, I feel like I want eat it but I can't. lol

Among any korean lip lacquer or lip tint I've try, this is the best. To sum it all, it's creamy and very pigmented.
So thank you for reading and see you soon!


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