Review- Innisfree 이니스프리 Smart Foundation Super Moisture SPF30 PA++ 15ml

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Hey guys!! I know.. It's Innisfree again! I adore this brands so much recently, so my addiction has been turn into this. So, I hope that, you are not bored with that. As you probably know, Innisfree has so many range of product especially their smart foundation.  There are 4 type of foundation to choose from which is Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover SPF33 PA++, Innisfree Smart Foundation Long Lasting SPF30 PA++, Innisfree Smart Foundation Water Balancing SPF30 PA++, Innisfree Smart Foundation Super Moisture SPF30 PA++. All this foundation comes with SPF30 and 3 types of shade to choose which is light beige, natural beige and true beige.

I choose super moisture in the shades #13 Light beige. My skin turn to a lil bit dry skin recently. so that's why I try to give it a shot. Most of the foundation is a lil bit cakey for me, so I'm trying to fixed it instead of I have to dumped all my foundation and waste all of them. I mixed it with my current foundation and the result pretty good, huh.

As always, Innisfree always comes in a boring packaging and ''SAFE THE EARTH'' theme!lol It's come in a small size tube which is 15ml. You probably gonna said, WHY Innisfree, you are so stingy!! Well, it's not true because they aim to prevent from wasting because our skin are not stick into one skin type, so that's why they just give you 15ml only. Brilliant, right! ''It's allowing customers to use depending on their skin type/condition without wasting.'' I should highlight this!!haha

Brand: Innisfree
Name:  Innisfree Smart Foundation Super Moisture SPF30 PA++ 
Effect:  Moisturizing, Nourishing, Lasting, Brightening
Capacity: 15ml
Made in: Korea

Super small. Since that the size quite small, so, the price is also cheap which is around RM23.

I can said this is suitable for light to medium coverage. If you like more coverage, I think this is isn't the right choice but you can mixed it up with other foundation too. The ratio will be much better. Most foundation that I know, they are lack with hydration and moisture effect, so that's why this foundation work for it. You can mixed it with your favourite foundation to help keep the moisture stay all day.

The formula is in watery type and it's very light. It's good for natural medium coverage. If you can noticed, nowaday a lots of beauty company create a product that comes with UV Protection especially with SPF30++ or even that range. That's quite though, I save my money too.haha

This moist foundation does not cover my redness and super veiny face. I have it around my jaw line, around my eyes and also my nose. It does not conceal them at all but what I like about this foundation is the coverage are so light and it does give you slightly moist feeling.  Love the light-weight feel so comfortable on the skin too. It's also set on my skin quickly even though this is in watery type but trust me, they're blend pretty well. It's just sit right there on my skin. If you love kinda matte finish, this is maybe not for you because it tends to give a glowy and radiant effect which mostly korean brands are always opt to. I don't like matte finish because of my dry skin problem, so this foundation might a good selection for me.

The application is a lil bit messy. Every time when I open the cap, the foundation tends to drip out. Actually, that's wasn't my big problem here, since the price quite cheap, so you'll get what you pay for it. I basically need  nearly 20 cent size to cover up my whole face. I think there is nothing to say, I don't like the foundation except the kedekut packaging.haha

It has a very limited shade and I like it quite a lot because I can choose my shade much better instead of I have to be pening pening to choose what shade that suite me. I know western brand, they have so many shade that suite perfectly for any skin tone, but I have a problem to choose what is the actual shade that suite me even my Maybelline concealer I choose is the wrong shade. hahaha 

I really recommend for those who have dry skin like me. It's not oily and you don't even feel dry on your skin too. I am in the shade #13 which is matches my skin perfectly and I just need few layer of concealer to cover my spot and I'm good to go. It's also stay all day which means that I use it in the morning and at afternoon it remain smooth around my cheeks but at my T-zone area and my nose, it's slightly tend to fade out.

That's all my review for today! I hope this post can help you even just a bit. I hope soooo!!<3


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