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Review- Nature Republic [네이처리퍼블릭] Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser

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I cannot live without cleanser, whenever I go to shower, this absolutely my must have product. I do try a lot of cleanser even in gel, cream or foam type. I always ended up with foam cleanser. Gel cleanser doesn't give me the satisfaction that I want. Well, I have sort of feeling the gel cleanser does not kill my stubborn dirty. I know gel cleanser does not too harsh in cleaning the face but I just love the bubble. lol

As you probably see at the title above, it's Nature Republic brand. I love this brands so much especially their skincare line. I do try Mario Badescu cleanser but I always going back to this babe. I think I'd prefer korean skincare brands instead of western brands for my skincare routine. If you ask me,' what is my cleanser?' then this is the product.  

Brand: Nature Republic
Name: Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser
Amount: 150mL
Made in: Korea
Price in Korea: 4,400KRW
Price in Malaysia: RM21.00 (Currently at althea kr for RM15.00)

What it promises:
''The foam cleanser removes impurities from your skin with its creamy foam, which contains aloe vera extract. "

It's a pretty big tube. Made of plastic and quite sturdy.

It's thick, a lil bit gooey and dense. When I spread it out, it feel between a cream and a paste. Obviously, not frothy. Because it's not a bubbly formula, it makes a thick, dense foam so that when you mixed it up with water, the bubble with shown up. Well, at least compared to other cleanser that has the same version. Well, you know cleanser, right?? haha 

General Dirt & Oil: I think it cleanses quite well compared to my high end cleanser that I try before. After cleansing, I feel my skin soft and does not tight at all. Does it moisturizing? well, what it claim is true.

Suncream or Makeup: Does it remove makeup and suncream? I am sure that it does a good job in cleansing the suncream compared to makeup. What I means is that, it doesn't remove any waterproof makeup, so you'll need makeup remover first and then you can use this cleanser for deep cleansing.

So in short, I think it's good enough for removing suncream. But for makeup, I would still PREFER to use an actual makeup remover . 

Price: As for the price, it's crazy. It's only RM15 when you shop online. I bought this cleanser from here. I would still prefer to buy online because I found out even you have this drugstore brands in Korea but the price is a bit higher than online price. So, grab it online.  

Why I am saying that? I watch a video which is he is a youtuber that living in korea and he suggest us to buy online instead of to buy at the real store. The price definitely a huge difference unless there is a crazy sale was going on like buy 1 free 1. So, be a SMART BUYER! hehe

I started to love this product back then 2014 which is last year and because I love to try something new I switch my cleansing product but then I decided to use this cleanser back and yes I'm happy now. I'm quite awe on how loyal I am. I never stick into one product but as you can see now, I am back to this babe.

I like it! Again, I like it. because I think it cleanses fairly well AND won't make the skin dry at all even I know mostly a foam cleanser always dry up the skin but this is isn't.. On top of that, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. I really like that part too. and again, this basically a cheap alternative cleanser for pokai person like me. haha

UPDATED 27/8/2015  It does cleanse very well. This one work better than my cleansing oil.


  1. Can i know what is the name of online shop, you bought this nature republic cleaser?? And also have you tried another products from nature republic?? If you could give a rating for this cleaser, how much it would be?? Sorry for asking too much but i do hope you reply this :)

  2. I bought at and I suggest that this cleanser work for combination skin or oily skin not for sensitive skin. I will give this 4 out of 5. Yes I also use another product from the same line which is Nature Republic Soothing Gel. I hope I answer all your question. :) :)

  3. Hi, is this face wash or make up remover?

    1. Face wash but it's really good in removing makeup.

  4. Do you apply any toner and moisturizer after you use this cleanser? If yes, what brand you use? Can I not apply any toner and moisturizer and just put my make up on my face?

    1. Yes I apply toner and moisturizer which is my must basic routine. For toner, currently, I use Kose sekkisei lotion (recommended) and Avene light hydrating cream as moisturizer. No, you cannot apply makeup directly on your face because the skin really dry after cleaning process and you need to apply toner and moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. If you have oily skin, sometimes skipping a moisturizer and used toner only are enough but don't forget sunscreen. I'm sure your makeup will last longer and stay put. I hope I answer all your question :)

  5. Hi mind asking which want is better? Foam cleanser or gel cream?

    1. Hi Umi Farisha. Foam cleanser :)

    2. Well i nak tanya bila you applied the foam cleanser kan ada tak rasa macam kesat or something?

    3. It doesn't feel kesat at all but it feel tight on the skin for a minutes. I feel my skin very clean and it does keep your skin moisturized a bit, because after that you will put a toner ( toner agak sedikit dry). So, it's has a balanced consistency. Ini adalah kali ke 7, I used these.

      *Results from the use of Beauty product may vary depending on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, and others.

      Hope this will help you :)

  6. tahan berapa lama ?

  7. Hermo memang best price and fast delivery..

    This is already in my bucket. Been loving Nature Republic product range too.. The price is very affordable!!
    Thank you for the review.. 😍

  8. Hi.. Saya nak tanya.. Foam Cleanser nie sesuai untuk kulit yang Iritasi? Kalau Tidak boleh, boleh cadangkan product apa yang dapat atasi masalah tersebut?Terima kasih..


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