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Hey guys! It's Peri's Time!!! I am a huge fan of lip product so much but I never try tint water yet. So, today post I'm going to do a review about peri's tint from peripera. I'd told you, now I am a new fan of tint water. I almost wear it everyday even at home.lol

The tint that popular right now is tattoo lip tint where you apply it on, wait for a few minutes and peel it off. It's quite fun but it has disadvantages. It's a lil bit frustrating to use at first as you need to apply many layer and then wait. So, I found out, instead of I have to deal with this lip tatoo, why not we try the water one. The one that I will review is in the shade #Cherry Juice which is good for those people who don't like a lipstick and the application save the time too. It's a good alternative. isn't it?

Peripera Peri's Tint Water is a lightweight juice-inspired lip stain that covers lips with a single 
swipe of the included wand. Formulated with nourishing fruit complexes, it is a long-lasting, super-bright color. 
오리지널 No.1 워터틴트! 새로운 패키지로 재 탄생

Brand: Peripera
Name: Peri's Tint Water
Color: No.1 Cherry Juice
Capacity: 8ml
From: Korea
Price in Malaysia: RM23.00 at Althea kr
Price in Korea: 7,000₩

If you're wondering, this is a new packaging from Peripera. Before this, it comes with a white plain box and white cap. This new version packaging slightly better than the old version. ahh For your info, Peripera is a one company with CLIO KR. Basically, they are in one company but in a 2 brands line.

The old one has 6.5ml but the new one is 8ml. It has 5 shades available to choose from which is #1 Cherry Juice, #2 Pink Juice, #3Orange Juice, #4 Mandarin Juice and #5 NEW Strawberry Juice.

The bottle is same as Benefit tint, in a small round cylinder, sturdy glass bottle and plastic red cap. The wand is actually quite tender, that make me afraid if I am too harsh and broke it.

1. When you first apply the tint out, it’s a light tint, goes watery.
2. It starts drying almost immediately. It gets messy, and during this time your lips are basically started it together.
3. After 5-10 minutes, it dries completely and the inner part of your lips, it obviously shows the tint but the outer part slightly fade out..
4. There you go. perfect lip tint.

Here’s how it looks on my lips. As you can see, the outer part of my lips, the tint are slightly not showing out and less noticeable even I apply full lips. If I apply thick layer, it become too red and faked discolouration. If I apply thin layer, it's natural enough to just pass as healthy lips.

It's doesn't dry out my lips at all. All my cream tint tend to dry faster and make my lips crack, obviously. and this is not. I'm quite awe.

As you can see, It's a perfect gradient. Let's talk about how messy the application it is.

First, when I apply the tint in a thick layer, the tint itself is goes crazy everywhere. The wand is actually can't control the amount of tint that eventually make the tint swallow into your mouth. It's ruin a lil bit especially it leave red spot on my teeth. Since, I already taste the tint, so what about the taste ( i know it's crazy). The taste is actually same as cherry and it's remind me about Air Merah that mixed together with sugar. The scent is also same which is very pleasant. So, I'm not afraid if other time, whenever I used this tint, I swallow the tint again.lol

It's also does not gooey as the tint itself is in watery form.

It lasts well through water and food too. In my own opinion, drinking water does not fade the tint. Somehow, it does fade a bit when you eat but it also depend on how much the meal that you take and how much you wiping the lips. For example, my experience, I ate Nasi along with side dishes which is a heavy meal and it is started to fade a bit. Generally, the red colour are still at inner corner of my lips but the outer part totally gone.

All in all, I like it. Though I'll be honest here, I don't like for the first time because It's annoying because I swallow too much the tint. I know it's a bad idea because you eat your own lip product. But I’ve since gotten used to it, and I can now enjoy it for its noticeable color and lasting power.

I saw many Korean Blogger at naver blog love this tint especially the ink one. I can wait to try them out too. There are so many tint out there that I wanted to try. So, I'll might try another tint too.


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