Review- Skinfood [스킨푸드] Egg White Pore Mask

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Have you ever feel that you wanna be a tiny person just once, to dig out the blackhead and disparage the holes especially on your nose.

I believe that most of you, stand in front of the mirror and trying to squeezed out the blackhead and whitehead, isn't it? hahaha and then your nose will become red as well. I hate this thing so much.

Brand: Skin Food [스킨푸드]
Name: Egg White Pore Mask [에그 화이트 포어 마스크]
Amount: 100g
Price in Malaysia:  RM 27.00 here
Price in Korea: 8,000KRW

Basically, this wash-off mask claim to do 2 things to your pores which is cleanse and eliminates pore-clogging. It's also help to penetrates deep into your pores and removing any blackhead  and pore-clogging oil. This egg white is loaded with albumin that consist of amino acids promote firmer skin and smaller pores.

It comes in a sturdy or medium sized of plasctic tube or medium-size bottle. On top of the cap, there is a sign ''OPEN HERE'' where there is the ingredient of the product in there.

The container might be too smaller on its own but when you open it actually quite hold a lot of amount inside which I believe can last me at least 6 month or so.
The best things about korean product is that, every product have their inner lid at the inside.even like pigment eyeshadow they also put in there too. Thumbs up!

Of course it's white. It's creamy, soft and buttery paste that have a pleasant flower scent. It's quite moist for a paste but it doesn't too runny. If you prone the mask too long, then it will dried up quickly. With just only one dig using spatula, it does can cover the whole face. (in case, you have small

The application very smooth and easily glides onto your skin. After 10 minutes, you can see the mask practically dries up a bit. It dries into a soft and powdery type like ''bedak sejuk'' :)

It feel very cool and sometimes I can feel the 'spicy' warm feeling but It will lessen after that, I also doesn't find that the mask is drying on my skin plus I can feel my face is very thigh.

sorry if the picture are too gross. my naked nose. haha

but here is my nose after use the mask. It does indeed pull out the blackhead and I am so impress with this product. For me, I can notice on how much the pores are after, you can even see the pores slightly back to normal and my pores are noticeably become smaller. I think if I use this more than I can see a bigger result.

If you have smaller pores, the result slightly less noticeable but if you have a bigger pores, there will have a bigger result.

I am actually quite impress on this product because it does what it said. This is my first mask that give me a such huge result for me. I think this way better than a sheet mask. It's also visibly reduces my pore size and removed my blackheads as well. I like this so much.

That's all. I hope this will help you! So, what's your favourite mask!


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