AUGUST 2015 FAVOURITES - It's glowing time!

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Happy Merdeka! We love Malaysia!!! We have 4 month left before we're going to open new book and new life. Yes I know, mixed feeling!! haha From the past month, I did purchase so many beauty stuff and being experimental with a lot of beauty related thing especially korean product. I also do watch a lot of beauty video especially K-Beauty. My favourite will be 'Get it Beauty'. It's a famous korean beauty show.  I swear I did enjoy it. Alright! Now let see, what I have been loving this month.

1. Wonder Pore Fresher Toner
It's a famous toner in Korea and also among beauty Youtuber. I swear I am quite curious how it work because so many people raving about this toner even Miyake use this too. After used it almost 2 week, and I say 'Yes Girl!! You make the right choice.'' I couldn't find 250ml, so I bought the large one which is 500ml and I'm afraid that this is not a good choice...but I am in love with this toner. Full review will be next week!! yuhuu

2. Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion.
I love Innisfree so much. This cushion really give me the glowing that I like. ''It's not oily but it's glowing.'' Surprisingly, this cushion almost run out and I need a top up of it. I love how it give me the semi-glowing and a natural whitening effect. As you probably know,many people opt to matte finish because Malaysia climate are not that suitable for that glowing effect but who's cares. I love that glow!!hahaha oh yeah Eddy also love this cushion too!!haha 

3. Too Cool For School Marshamallow Puff.
Too cool I should say! I love how easy it is to blend the foundation or concealer using this puff. It's give me a such smooth coverage and pretty blendable feeling. The price, very cheap compared to beauty blender. But, it's a good alternative for people like me. ha ha ha ha . I also read some blogger who are reviewing this product and they said that it's quite hard to wash the puff but for me I found out that, the puff are so easy to clean. Make sure use a good cleanser!!

and that's all my favourite for August!! How about you, girls!!


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