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Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam 14-Day Challenge

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Hey guys! So, Avene team has sent me some of their skincare product to give me a try and also to share with you some of my experience using this product. The campaign theme was Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam 14-Day Challenge which means I'll be using this product for 14 days and whatever happen in 14 days. I will tell you here. The campaign itself really gravitate me to try their product plus I heard so many positive review about them especially for those people who have sensitive skin. Not only that, their Avene Thermal Spring Water also protrude like so crazy which make me really wanna try all of their skincare line. I also watch some famous youtuber like Joan, she does make this brand as her top favourite skincare in September. 

Since Malaysia has really crazy weather and also really popular now, crazy haze make our skin easily prone to dust and bacteria. Not gonna lie, I am concern with my face now because it's started having the redness during the haze was happen. I feel so lucky, when Avene team sent me some of their product to try and I can't wait to share with you my experience. 

I always change my skincare and makeup routine because not all product will be forever good for you and it's depend on your skin type, actually. Even drier skin girl also make some changes as well. So, whatever changes happen on your face, you should take care of that. For example, when you wake up in the morning and you see yourself in front of mirror and you see something different and then you started to concern something just breeding on your face. So, in short, everything is begin with your skincare routine on how you take care of that, either you are really take the correct amount and so on.

Truth be told, I've never turn my face on foam cleanser until this product knocked my door. The first thing and forever the first things is I will make sure I do wash my face. Even you get fatigue and very lazy, you should wash your face. No excuse for that. Before this, I use cleansing oil to take off my makeup and then I use my cream cleanser for deep cleansing, I am so happy with the cleanser that I use now but somehow, the feeling getting a bit a way because this cleanser. I am not entirely blaming this cleanser but sometimes you should discover some good things,right?

I started using it in the morning and before sleep. This foam cleanser claims to regulate excess oil and remove the makeup. Well, to be honest, it doesn't really remove the makeup even though they say that works for that too. It is super gentle, foaming and not drying at all like cleansing oil does in take away all oil that make your skin dry. Surprisingly, this cleanser isn't. I have bad experience using the same type but in different brands. The foam feel so useless but after trying out this product I am so impress on how it works. Only one pump it does cover up my whole face. When you pump up, it comes like normal foam but then when you sweep on your face, it's turn into creamy bubble type *kinda feeling* . It smell like an old fashioned creme *for me* and it does not feel dry at all, you can feel it and see the face is clean, refreshed and nourished. It contain Patented Glutamic acid which helps to regulate excess sebum production and of course it is Paraben-free.

My most favourite product of all is the mist. No wonder why the mist are so popular. I've try a lot of mist either korean or western brand but this one has so much different than other. I always had a thinking where all mist is same and does not me awake at all until this knocked my door. I found out, this mist really make me awake once I spray it on my face directly. seriously. It has that powerful resfreshing and a joy to use. The weather like Malaysia, you should get this baby, seriously. Having dry and irritated skin at times, I find that this spring water spray works a charm. The mist is beautiful, probably the best mist I've ever tried in my entire world. urgh

Next, of course you'll need a toner. Without toner you can't put anything on your face even you have fair skin, you'll need a toner. You don't get that clean feeling without toner. After used the toner almost 14 days, it doesn't break out my skin and I swear this is the most toner that I can used without hesitate. It does a good job of soothing and calming down my irritated skin. It feel so refreshing, light and leave me a very sheen sticky feeling across my face. I believe most Avène product, smell like baby powder and clean soap which is very pleasant and comforting. Now I know why it is so befitting with sensitive skin.

To me, I think this toner perfectly fine to keep at home because whenever my skin flare up, I use the toner to lessen it and it feel so heaven.

After apply the toner, you'll need moisturizer. I know some moisturizer are too shiny , too white and and flaky because if you use bad moisturizer, you'll get a fat layer on top of your skin which make your foundation crumble. I've learned myself that my skin problem is because of my bad hormone rather than cosmetics. I've try taking considerable amount of time to look out for the ingredient use. I'm not going to considered for oil-based product because it is bad choice for my skin. Back into this moisturizer, it feel so runny and look more to lotion instead of a cream.  It doesn't feel so heavy at all. I used IOPE cushion foundation as my daily touch up and underneath I use this moisturizer as a base. It makes a good base for your daily make-up: your powders or even fluid foundations because it apply more evenly and without leaving any mark. Bad thing is that, it has low SPF which is SPF 25. For me it does not fully give me a protection through out the day. My daily routine is always prone to high sunlight and I need high SPF. So, this is not enough. Other than that, everything works perfectly fine.

After done applying moisturizer, I used this day protector UV EX that claims to be a sunscreen with SPF30++. It is a white in colour and the texture are not runny. It has that creamy texture into it. What I noticed here is that, all Avène product, they have the same smell,  so as I say I am enjoyed their baby scent. I don't have the problem to spread out the cream on my face. I used to apply it on my face and also my neck. I found out that this suncreen has a lil bit like Korean sunscreen where it slightly give me a whiten finish. I have a concern where if I used the moisturizer underneath and on top of that I use this sunscreen, I have the feeling too heavy. The consistency feel the same like moisturizer. What's the difference between 2 of this is the SPF. Being as sunscreen, it does give me greasy and oily but my way is that  I cover up with some powder and I am good to go.

Result after using the product:

My naked face lol

So let’s summarize: Eau Thermale Avène is a good fit for combination skin types even though they were mention it's  good for sensitive skin. It gets moisturized, without appearing shiny or flaky. It’s also an ideal base for your everyday make-up so that your makeup keep on flawless while being protected underneath.  

Have you try any Avène skincare product. If you do, tell me your experience.


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