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Review- Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 원더포어 프레쉬너 500ml

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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner or known as ''Ultra Pore Solution'' with 10 in 1 benefit already seem to be getting a lot of intention from people especially K-Beauty lover. Etude House claims that this new Wonder Pore Freshner is an improvement over existing Etude House Wonder Pore product. The old version were mention that it has 7 in 1 benefits instead of 10. This wonder pore line from Etude House seem more protrude than the other skincare line.The reason why I bought these because I watch on Youtube, many Korean youtubers were mention and suggest about this product, they say that it was their second bottle and that gravitate me to bought.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: New and improved with 10-in-1 benefits

Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner comes with a pretty good combination in a set product along with the cotton pad in the package. The blurb on the back of the product claims that is is a 'total solution product' and also need to highlight which is '' I'm the Wonder Woman for your Pores More Powerful!' I know it seem very convincing and promising that it's really can cure the pore. Somehow, back into reality, it may take a long time to cure the pore. Nothing good comes instantly.

Basically, this is a toner. After cleansing, before taking other skincare product, you apply this to a cotton pad that comes together in a set and do this twice a day and it's suppose to help lessened the pores. 

I am having a high expectation for cotton pad even though it's just a normal cotton pad that comes with but I still curious what's so special it is. Not sure if you can see, the cotton pad have special holes in them to aid exfoliation. The original Wonder Pore seem to be ranked either love or hate typed product. Some people like it but some people hate it. I never try the original one so, I can't comment about that.

Why they love and hate it. The first thing is the scent smell like alcohol. Many people claim that strong alcohol will make the skin dry but from my point of view, it won't dry out the skin because the concentration are not that high, so, it's really safe and I don't think it will burn out the skin.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: Ingredients list 

I know, sound like very big on it's own but not all skincare line giving you 500ml in a bottle. Usually I saw the most highest is around 150ml or 200ml. So, it's pretty a good steal, right? To be honest, when it come in a bottle, I always see how much millimeters it I wouldn't consider if it is only 30ml for RM50.00. The price is ridiculous!! I'm not going to invest for that.

The toner same as transparent water. There are second ingredient were added in this wonder pore 10 in 1 which is Butylene Glycol and Betain. Before this, the main ingredient use for the original Wonder Pore is Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, but in the new one it is Mentha Arvensis Extract or to be more precisely is peppermint extract.  Mentha Arvensis Extract are use in many skincare product because it give a minty and refreshing feeling. For me, there is no changes happen either the original or the new one except 2 different ingredient use. So, if you like the orginal Wonder Pore probably you'll love this too but if you didn't like the old version, I couldn't make any statement to convince you to buy it.

So far, I've been using it for a month, and I think this is definitely the right time to do a review about this. For sure, I would say this is love or hate product to me. Why I say this? This is because, my first experience was going very well and I did enjoying this toner so much. Not only the size make me smile but it doesn't give me any breakout. Until then, when I used this like 3 times a day, it's make the skin full of redness and drying out my skin which I think the alcohol are too high for my skin. So, I'd suggest use this tone twice a day even for normal skin. 

Did this toner remove and excess oil and dirt. My answer is overarching yes. With pepper mint extract ( thanks) it give the skin fresh and 'toink toink' effect. The toner help to remove excess dirt and oil very well . it does a good job, huh. When I used it, I found that it didn't leave behind any residue (water)  on my skin and it also had a nice refreshing feel on skin. Yes, I always mention about refreshing word again!! Besides that, the toner will quickly dry out if you were under air conditioned-areas skin. I always suggest this product for those of you who have a very oilier skin or for people who can tolerate with alcohol ingredient on their skincare regimen. Back to my experience using the toner for twice a day, my skin back into a good condition. There is no redness or red spot were notice. Very glad having back to normal.

The packaging itself is a brilliant idea and I never thought or have in mind about this style of packaging. The bottle make me so easy to pump up and control the amount of toner use. I usually use 3 pump only which enough to cover all face.

To sum it all, I would suggest this product for those who have oily skin, or people who don't mind with the alcohol content, or for people who like plant extract in their skincare product. For me, this will be considered as an ''OK'' product because it does do what it say ( 10 in 1 benefit) except my stupid mistake use it 3 times a day or else it will be alright.


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