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Review- IOPE Air Cushion XP (COVER 21) Vanilla

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Hey guys!! Anyways, as always happy Thursday!! Nothing special going on except continue your life like usual. Sound a lil bit too upset!!haha As always, I will do my job here which is reviewing the product and yeap, it's cushion foundation. If you are really into Korean beauty stuff, I bet you'll know this first. But if you don't know what exactly I am talking about, I'll tell you, first!!

Basically,as you can probably see, this is exactly a compact just like a normal pressed powder case that contain a liquid product at inside. Just soak the puff/ sponge provide into the cushion and you'll get the foundation. Easy! If you’re new to IOPE, it’s actually a higher end brand compared to Tony Moly, Innisfree, Etude House, Holika Holika, and Skinfood which is more too street shop. IOPE is one of the many brands under the giant Amore Pacific and seems to be getting a lot of attention these days compared to before. It's really famous especially on television and also social media.

All beauty company in Korean have their own cushion and it's become phenomenal in Korea for years now. Most cushion compact have spacious benefit such as brightening, refining and many more. So, today I will reviewing one of top 1 cushion foundation that did winning many people heart especially in Korea. Let's jump into the review, shall we?

Each IOPE cushion comes in a box contains the compact and also the refill. From the outside, you might judge the cushion are super bulky, but when you open the box, you'll get the refill. The case are so nice, and sometimes I feel like I was in the drama, ''My Love From The Star'' LOL. The case are so nice to hold and does not have tacky plastic that kinda insecure. The price might pricey for some people but but it's worth every penny because not all cushion foundation comes with the refill. It's also has very limited in shades which is

Numbers and Coloring

<Natural, healthy moisturized skin>
Natural 21 - Ice Vanilla
Natural 23 - Ice Beige

<Beautiful, glowing skin>
Shimmer 22 Ice Shimmer Beige (contain coral powder

<Increased coverage for perfect skin>
Cover 21 Cover Vanilla
Cover 23 Cover Beige

Mine will be in the shade no.21.

''This Air Cushion Foundation can cover imperfections, blocks UV rays and maintaining glowing skin with cushioning sunblock.''

Many blogger raving about how bulky and baggy the compact are, but for some reason, I don't find it is bulky although the size is a lil bit thicker than Innisfree cushion. I'd carry this cushion around and the cushion itself fit perfectly in my small makeup pouches. If you read my blog, I tell you that my Innisfree cushion already run out, so I decided to try this brand and I use this cushion almost everyday in order to see how the result through out the day.

The consistency is a bit watery and light compare to bb cream, which are very thick coverage, The instruction said, you can use your finger to apply the cushion or you can use the puff/sponge. For me, using the puff will give you smooth finish. I'd never found a person who are using the finger to apply the cushion yet, if you are that person that I am looking for, then comment here!hahaha

It might dark on it's own but once you pressed down your sponge into the cushion, you might shocked how light the cushion are. At first, I though I choose the wrong shade because it looks very dark but lucky it doesn't. * oh men, all about my money*

It's so creamy and liquidy. What I like about the puff is that it hold enough amount of product. It's give you that glowing effect and not matt finish. *please take note with that*

If you don't like the glowingness, you can fixed it by using any loose powder or compact powder on top of it.

Since I love that dewy finish, it's shouldn't be problem to me because I love that glowing effect instead of matt finish. Well, I have hairy face. lol

using IOPE Air Cushion XP

After use the cushion almost 2 weeks, I found out the cushion doesn't give me any breakout, and it's also help to control the oil and give me a perfect moisture. The semi-glowingness and sheer coverage make me love this product so much. Bad things about this cushion is that, it's doesn't completely cover any spot or blemishes that I have. The new one is under my *puberty problem*. As for redness, surprisingly, it cover all of them. I started to love this cushion very much even I am broke It's perfect for a quick out makeup look for a casual days if I don't want to have too much makeup on my face. 


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