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Review- It's Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow No. 4

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I am finally realizing that my blog are so lacking with eyebrow product. My last and first eyebrow product that I review is Etude House Drawing Eyebrow. It was last year. haha.. I've finally did searching out my favourite eyebrow brand which is It's skin. I know it's korean brand (no biased here) but It's such a good product and I can't wait to share here. 

Actually, I am not familiar with this brand before because I saw the commercial only for a guys but then I've realize, girls, should try too.. plus the price really gravitate me to buy it. For me, the most affordable eyebrow pencil is It's skin and Etude House because the price around RM20 and below. So, it's really a good steal. *clear your mind and click check out.

I know this brand from Indonesian Blogger which is Sasyachi, almost tutorial that she did, she used this eyebrow pencil. It's look very nice on her eyebrow, so, I bought it. I know it takes long time to finish eyebrow product especially in pencil form but I am a human and I can't stop discovering  things. Before I start a wordy post, I shall tell you, the shades that I got is no.4 gray brown shade. 

Actually, my Etude House Eyebrow is in dark brown shade but when I saw some korean girls, they use more grey shade and I started wondering whether it's really give you a grey eyebrow.

As always, eyebrow pencil comes with their own screw brush and eyebrow pencil.

The packaging is in plastic tube and the surface feel soft and easy to get dirty.

The bristles are so soft and easy to blend any harsh line on your eyebrow nicely. The colour very natural and I swear you won't really need the brush, to be truth. Even without makeup on, you're still look good

4 colour available:
1) #01 Natural Black
2) #02 Deep Brown
3) #03 Yellow Brown
4) #04 Grey Brown

Main ingredient:
Vitamin E Derivative and vegetable wax

The eyebrow obviously lack of pigmentation because from the title, this eyebrow are used to create a natural eyebrow. It's give me a such nice and natural eyebrow at first I draw my eyebrow.  The triangular shape of this eyebrow makes it much easier to draw your desire eyebrow style. One problem that I noticed when the first time I use this, is that the eyebrow is lil bit too rough for the first time but then when you used to it for 1 days, It started become soft.

I don't know whether this picture really can tell but as you can see my left eyebrow is a lil bit full. The color appears to be more of a gray than a brown, but you will still notice the tiny brown hue when you applied it to your eyebrows. It isn’t noticeable unless you’d apply a couple of layers.  I use this eyebrow pencil everyday ( yes, I need it in my life to protrude people,haha) without fail. The price are so so cheap and worth every penny.

Brand: It's Skin
Product name: Babyface Natural Eyebrow
Capacity: 0.3 g
Made in: Korea
Price: RM11.90 


  1. May I know where did you buy it from? It's so affordable!

  2. Do you prefer this over EH drawing eye brow?

  3. I think this review is good!


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