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Review- Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask [24K 골드 마스크]

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Heyya!! Another skincare review!! I know I know, I am in the mood of being experimental with skincare things and now I see my blog widely open to skincare item instead of makeup. haha Anyway, always being positive, 'you should spend more for your skincare item' and now I blame this word to Joan!! I hope that you can see this post!! hahahahaha You tell us to do this from this video!!haha Anyways I love your channel!!

Obviously, the box is black and comes with a very medium-sized sturdy jar at inside. As always nothing good if the mask comes with their own spatula. The jar is actually heavy but it is in acceptable weight.

Basically, this mask claim to makes your pores tight, brighter the skin tone and makes your skin more elastic. As always, I always feel hesitate whether it's really pure gold but they mention on website it's 99% gold. So, let's we take it as a real things even I am in the mood of curiosity.


Let's see how it work. shall we?

The ingredient, obviously 99% pure gold, korean snail extract ( I couldn't imagine, the snail extract on my face!huh), seaweed extract (still acceptable rather than snail extract) , white willow leaf extract, and jojoba seed oil.
Brand: Piolang 
Name: 24K Gold Wrapping Mask [24K 골드 마스크]
Price in Malaysia:  RM 267.60 RM69.00 here 
Price in Korea: ₩ 79,000 
Amount: 80ml 
Made in: Korea  

It's full with gold!! It's liquidity and watery and smell like a strong cosmetic scent. It's quite runny for a mask but it's glides smoothly on your face.  If you prone the mask too long, then it will dried up quickly where I see the excessive amount around the lid, the mask start to dry. 

It's also help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores for a youthful looking complexion. Pampering my face using this gold mask make my skin become so expensive!! ahjumma out there!! You should try these.

The application quite messy as the consistency is quite watery and hard to deal with long hair like me. Before the mask dry, my hair stuck in between the mask, so I need to use the headband. Took me a while to cover my whole face and I tried hard not to make a mess.

When I apply the mask, I can feel how it give me the fresh and cold feeling. It's so relaxing and after that it's started to feel like acceptable heat feeling but it will lessen after that. (maybe the ingredient penetrate into the skin) *thumb up. While using the mask, before it's dries out,  it give me like 'toink toink' effect. How cool is that, huh!!

The best part is that the mask is a peel off mask, So, it's dries up into a peel off rubbery layer. Make sure put a thick layer so, that you can peel the mask easily. It takes 10-15 minutes depending on how thick you apply.

So, since it claim to give you a moisturized skin that is shiny like Taeyeon ( popular in Korea search engine, haha). I thought it was a real bluff but  I am utterly impressed with how it do for my face. It does give me that healthy shiny face not in an oily way especially around my cheeks. It's also brighten up my skin tone and give me that hydration that it suppose to do. In term of removing blackheads, I can said that it's not true at all. Again, it does not remove any blackhead, so don't put on high hope on this.

You might think, ''oh well, how did it last long!! only 80ml for mask lover like me?'' It's 80ml but don't judge by it appearance because it last a very long time. and yeah make sure do a good practice while applying the mask.

That's all for today review!! see ya!


  1. Will the mask pull off any fine hairs on face when peeling?

  2. No. It's easy to peel off the mask, ^^

  3. need to clean the face 1st before use it?


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