Review- Pony x MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam 3 Collection: Blossom Lipsticks & Orange Bloom Eyeshadow Quad Review

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Anyone ever know a popular korean makeup artist? Pony! Now, she's working with CL from 2NE1 as a makeup artist MUA. I still remember when the first time I watch one of her makeup tutorial on youtube which is under insiteTV Channel really gravitate me to watch her makeup tutorial again and again. It seem like we're being possessed on how she really neat and telepathy in every inch or her makeup tutorial. Recently, I've been getting too much crazy with anything related to Pony and I always being updated whenever she posted a picture on Instagram. The first thing I always see is the way on how she put the makeup on her face make me really inspired what I'm going to plan next.
Pony is the hottest beauty icon in the industry. Her passion toward beauty is expressed by having their own youtube channel which is PonyMakeup. You can search on youtube whenever you're free. This palette is the 3rd collaboration with memebox korea where she teamed up with Memebox to design a product that are beginner-friendly and make you glam instantly like korean girls. To be honest, she is the one of my favourite Korean youtubers.

The box itself are so pretty and really up my alley. With daisy and floral printed on it make me wanna own all their collection.

The first things that come out in my mind when I saw this online is 'omg!look at those shiny palette, it's so so preteh pretty!!!!'' haha I think that this is the most pretty palette that I ever own. What I don't like is that the surface when you touch it will leave every single of fingerprint.

ahhhh look at those shimmer shadow. Actually, I was debating with myself either to choose orange or pink palette, Normally, when this case is happen, I ended buying 2 of these but don't know why I just choose one palette from this collection *maybe because of the price* lol. The orange palette did not look that pigmented on its own compared to pink colours but when I swatched them, I was so surprise on how pigmented the colour are. This palette might not a fans for those people who are prefer matte eyeshadows because this palette everything is a shimmer and glitter. That's why they called it as shine easy glam palette.

The packaging are too cute and pretty with floral printed on it.

I'm already died with the packaging! I love the combination between white and gold colour. It makes me feel so elegant.

Every lipstick has a their on number at the back. Although the numbers are a bit random, it does make me easier to find what colour of the lipstick it is, instead of opening every single of lipstick. 

Actually this is my first time, I try memebox because it's hard to get a memebox in Malaysia plus there is no right distributor or people helping out to get the box directly from Korea.

swatch time.  Lipstick swatches with one layer and eyeshadow are done without primer and 2 layer. Photo taken without flash but you still can see the glitter on it.

#03 Orange Bloom Eyeshadow quad: I don't put a high hope on this palette because I know mostly korean palette genuinely are not that pigmented like urban decay and so on. They are more to glitter and shimmer which is more too semi-pigmented. I got this because the palette was so pretty and it's better than other korean makeup brands, I'm so glad that that I can own this palette. I heard this palette are way more pigmented than Pony's Shine Easy Glam 2 and Sweet 16 palette with Nylon. The whole palette might using the different fomula. They are more blendable, little fall outs and perfect colour for spring. To sum it all, I really recommend this palette series if you're into shimmery and glitter shades.

#01 Rose Garden Blossom Lipstick: I eventually bought the matte one because I have too much glossy lipstick. I actually attracted with Orange Dahlia but they are glossy finishes. Rose Garden and Spring Romance are both semi-matte finishes while Orange Dahlia and Blooming Love are glossy finishes. The lipststick are so easy to applied and glides on perfectly. They're so pigmented and feel great on the lips too. The lisptick are also last longer where I drink and eat and it was still there afterwards. The colour that I've been wearing everyday is this Rose Garden. Overall, I highly recommend them!

I am so obsessed with memebox now! I knew, memebox team maybe have big project with Pony again and I can't wait what they will come out in their collection. p/s I also have collection from yeondukong stick collection. Can't wait to review and shared with you.

Well, that's all my review for today.  I think I might post a make up look later on my youtube channel!! Anyone would like to watch?


  1. I got the palatte too! I also having difficulties to choose between which palette I should buy >.< I got the Pink Bloom palette hehe <3

  2. Really!! I know how you feel sharon!! ^^ hahaha


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