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Speed Review- Nature Republic Chamomile Cleansing Oil

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Haze is getting worst and wild! For some reason, I really thirst for the fresh air right now. Seeking for a fresh air and still counting when will everything will turn into normal. Due to haze, I am having a very dry skin and a little bit of redness around my forehead and cheek. It's like a burden to see how my skin abruptly change. I am not going to talk about political thing because it will not going to be end. haha

I know many adik adik out there really like it because all school is close. hahaha.. Here in Puncak Alam, our university also closed due to abruptly increases in air pollution index (API). For people like us as a student, it's actually 'yeah' because no classes but then we have to replaced it for the other time and that's 'neh'.  Well, it's doesn't means that, I don't care about the pollution but I am a student lol LOL

I love everything when it comes into this brand. I found out, it's turn into great product whenever I used this brand. It give me the satisfaction that I seek for while I investing  my money to discover more from this brand. To be sure, I love this cleanser very much because it clean the makeup quite well. It's oily as it say and easy to use. I don't know why somehow the pump are not working at all which I eventually have to open the cap and pour the oil like a traditional way. It's quite annoying when the pump are not working. Make sure your face is dry before using this or else the liquid turn into white and won't effective in cleaning your makeup. I would repurchase this again, for sure.


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