Review - ColourPop x KathleenLights Where the Light Is Set

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I want to scream right now!! Should I??? Well, I means I should because it is from USA! Something that is not available here in Malaysia is with me now.haha. I finally finally and finally able to get this after such a long time dream about this.  Well, if you love beauty and makeup, definitely, you'll know who is Kathleen Lights. She is a beauty youtuber and if you don't know better you sneak on her now!haha She is absolutely hilarious, and creates the most stunning makeup looks. After getting this, I saw on her instagram * well! I peek on you Kathleen!* that she just released new eyeshadow with colourpop called 'Where The Night Is' and the colour are super different than this one. I'm thinking whether should I get it or not?heh

Featuring 2 matte and 2 shimmer shades.

My problem getting heavier because I am thinking on how long this eyeshadow will be finish? It is in a such big container.haha However, I do likes it because whenever this shadow drop on the floor, the shadow are entirely secure in this container.


 How super moly olly pigmented the colour are!!

Glow- I apply this colour almost as eyeshadow base. This colour seem like a great mixture between cream and white colour * vanilla colour*. It is a matte shade and creamy too. It's a perfect colour for everyday makeup.

Cornelious- this is such a perfect matte shade for building up the transition shadow on the crease or whole eyelid. Its super creamy but still maintains a matte finish.

Blaze– This is the only colour I have from most my eyeshadow collection because it is not that really wearable for everyday look and also fall outs cases but I decided to get out from my comfort zone. To be surprised, I like it alot! This metallic colour giving me a new inspiration on what colour that should I pair with it. This shadow does not have much fall out too.

Kathleenlights– My most favourite from all quad is this one. This would be my favourite colour for all time which is gold colour. This pearlized colour is the most gorgeous gold colour. This color can be worn everyday, bridal looks or for special occasions.

I've found out that mostly, colourpop eyeshadow, especially pearlized and metallic line, it is better to be applied with your fingers as it gives better colour pay off. One swipe is all you need for this stunning colour. Because of the creamy, mousse like texture you want to make sure you close the lid extremely tight on your shadows to keep them from drying out.

Overall, I’m in love with these shadows. I couldn't imagine how pigmented and long-wearing the colour are. This will make me having an obsession on getting them again. My favorite color from the collection is Kathleenlights, it is just gorgeous on any skin tone and flattering for any occasion. It's just wearable for daily makeup or night! The price I swear, it is a lot cheaper than high end product. You'll get 4 eyeshadow in this collection. How cool is that? I'm already fan of this!!


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