Review - Nessya Lumi°® Brightening Night Rejuvenator (50ml)

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Today, I wanna share with you one product that I received from bffsays.com which is Neesya Lumi Brightening Night Rejuvenator.   Neesya is a Malaysian based brand and the most importantly are the product is HALAL.   Using LumiScience technology, NEESYA has released a wide range of products that can help bring back the radiance and at the same time to brighten up and even out the skin tone. For your info too, they're also provide the customer with 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, * terms & conditions apply.

Well, I've already heard this product before because some of the blogger have done review about this and I'm a lil bit curious about the result, so I'll decided to give it a shot.

Brand: Neesya
Product: Neesya Lumi Brightening Night Rejuvenator
Made in: Malaysia (local product)
Net weight: 50ml
Website: http://www.neesya.com/

So, what's the product claim?
''Deeply hydrates, rejuvenates and illuminates skin through the night. Fortified with Silver Vine extract, Alpha‐Melight™ and natural fruits complex, helps skin regain radiance and clarity. Replenished with a vital dose of brightening and hydration active ingredients, skin regains smoothness and suppleness. Results in an energized, illuminated, refined and firmer skin texture.''
*Nessya website

There are 4 important highlight:
- Night hydration
- Advanced Skin Brightening
- Increase Skin Clarity
- Fortified with Silver Vine Extract

The packaging *pretty simple*

 Halal logo stated clearly at the box

 First, let's talk about the packaging. I love the packaging because I love everything that comes with "pump" dispenser to prevent from bad hygiene and bacteria. The bad things is that, I am afraid that the pump won't work. lol Two pump of this is enough for whole face

Obviously, since this is an essence, I used this at night after cleansed and toned.

The texture? The texture almost same which is kinda light and if I not wrong, it's a gel or creamy gel. *something like that* It's absorb fast and does not feel sticky at all. It is a night essence that work to give your skin hydrated for whole night.

Truth be told, it does reminds me alot about Snovits Hydra Glow essense which I already done a review about it here . As for the scent, I can clearly describe that this is kinda dupe for Snovits hydra glow because I am sort of having the mixed feeling that the smell is same. It's smell nice and fresh.

I certainly recommend this Brightening Night Rejuvenator if you are looking for high performance brightening product. It's does what it claim which is to brightening up the skin. I wake up in the morning and stand in front of the mirror, I could see the difference. My skin a lil bit brighter in the morning. Besides the efficacy, I also like that it provides hydration as well. 

I could feel the heat feeling when after applying this but it will lessen after that. The best things is that it does not give an adverse side effects to me. When I wake up in the morning, it's feel the skin hydrated but not too intense like Laneige water sleeping mask.  * if you want me to compare*

Overall, I like it alot because my snovits hydraglow is my empties product and I am so happy, finally I found the dupe version of these. The price very affordable too.

For more information, kindly visit:
NEESYA Skincare 


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