Review- Peripera Peri's Ink Moist and Peripera Ink Drop BB

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Hey ladies. So, today review is from the brand Peripera. Peripera is always comes out with fun lip product and packaging. I couldn't resist myself from not trying them. Let's jump into the review!!

I haven't try the original because I saw many review saying that it is too dry, but since they come out with moist version, so I took the chance and bought them to try. I have been using this almost 3 months and I think it's a great time to blog about this.

The Ink bottle itself looks like it has a dropper applicator, but that’s actually for show. It’s actually a flat paddle doe foot like applicator inside. Honestly, I believe that it was a truly dropper. Lol The packaging for the Peri’s Ink Moist is the same as the Peri’s Ink original. The only difference is the Moist version has a shimmer and glossy effect on the bottle but the original is plain. I like the packaging a lot, how creative they are!

It has a thin doe foot applicator at the end

You can see from the swatches that the moist version doesn’t have as strong a staying power especially the cutest pink. Probably because of the moist formula. But it is still super staining. For me, personally, I don't prefer a strong staying power as I always touch up my makeup, this would be enough for me.

I really like all the colour. Most of the colour are my favourite. The colour that I like are in the shades #04 and #03. These are super pigmented and stay in place.

01 Cuddle Orange is a very soft orange colour which suit for everyday makeup.
02 The cutest pink is a coral pinkish colour.
03 Top red is a very bright red colour.
04 Bang rose is almost like a pink rose colour.
05 Soul Burgundy is a plum deep rose colour.

It has a pleasant scent. The scent really reminds me a lot about Innisfree creamy tint lip mousse. Sweet and candy.

The original Peri’s Ink dry jelly tint is a matte version, while this one settles more too moist version like other moisture tints. A little like a gloss, but it isn’t as glossy as a lipgloss. I think I'd prefer the moist version because sometimes the matte too chalky for my dry lips.

It has a very light texture and glides on easily and easy to remove using The Saem makeup remover. Well, it's a great makeup remover plus the price so cheap.

Overall, I love the packaging ideas and how semi pigmented the colours are. The formula is a bit between a milky and sticky and dries like a jelly matte. Because it is stain on lips, you have to be very quick at blending these out. Besides that, all the shade and colour is a great colour for natural gradient lips.  Lasting power is definitely one of it's strong point here, as the pigmentation is not as vivid as original but it still comparable with 2 or 3 sweep for more vivid colour.

Next, moving on to the bb. Here, I have Peripera Ink Drop BB and I have it in the shades no 2 BRIGHT BEIGE. This foundation comes with 30ml of product and the price very cheap (RM 42) so, it's pretty affordable. It supposed to be a very light bb that make flawless complexion and long-coverage all days.

Before you use the bb, make sure to shake it and apply to your face.

It's comes with a hard plastic bottle and twist off caps.

When you remove the caps, the tops is pointy, where you can press the product out evenly and nicely.

I apply the bb using spatula and just sweep it on my face and blend it out with beauty sponge. The bb seems to just look pretty natural and it was a little bit thicker. I cover up my face with 2 layer of bb.

It has the word 'ink' so, I was expecting that it will long lasting, but truth be told, it isn't. 

the texture very runny and quite sticky. The more layer of bb the more sticky it is. However, it's turn out matte and dries after using it.

The coverage pretty sheer and very light. I can say it almost like medium coverage.  It doesn't cover any blemishes or complexion that you have. This foundation very suits for student or people who love light coverage foundation or bb or fair skin maybe? I think having more natural foundation is better so that you can apply concealer on top and in that way it will not look cakey.

Overall, it feel like applying a sunblock which isn't a greatest feeling, it's feel a lil bit thick and different than I was expecting. I was expecting that it light but it feels very sticky. It does brighten up my skin tone a lot and it look pretty even but it doesn't give the nice coverage and finish. The bb really makes my skin dry especially my nose area, so this maybe not a good sign for me especially dry skin people but for oily skin, it might be really nice.


  1. Hi, I stumble across your blog while looking for peri's moist mini set. But I'm happy since I get to see complete set of the swatch from moist series ♡♡

  2. Thanks for the swatches!!! <3 I've been wanting to buy the tint but there was no tester at that particular watsons.


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