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Too Cool For School is a Korean brand, known for a unique packaging design. Their products are in the mid-pricey region and slightly more expensive than Etude House for example. It’s still a Korean roadshop makeup. The packaging design of the Too Cool For School Art class products is obviously dedicated to the arts. If you ask me who is Robin? Well, it’s hard to explain from A to Z. LOL If you watch Korean youtuber and Korean bloggers, you will see, mostly they keep featuring this contour palette in their video, especially as TOP 10 favourite makeup video. What's special are they? Let's start the review!

The powder comes in a usual compact, wrapped by brown transparent paper and labelled with a by Rodin sticker. I loved how Too Cool For School makes all efforts to show how much love for the detail they put into each of their products.

So, the product comes with a black cardboard box with Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin sticker or in french “créateur du contour"

The cardboard box has written Korean and English instructions or tips on the backside of the packaging.

Well, in case you wanna know who is Robin? hehe

The compact has the same design like the cardboard packaging and looks very simple on its own but still look tidy. The back of the compact displays the shelf-time of the product and also the production date.

The best things about this contour powder is there are 3 different shades, from light to darker shade. This definitely, the most, friendly contour powder I ever own.

The powder very light and transparent but a lil bit chalky from my personal opinion and it's matte contour powder.

The pigmentation isn't that great like Powder Contour Kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills but the pigmentation still can be built with 2 or 3 sweep for more obvious contour style.

It's really easy to contour when you have this contour powder especially beginners. If you don't know how to contour or have a problem on which part of face should be contour, I'll definitely recommend this for you. Also, you can make less mistakes in that way.

Below, the picture of my contour style.

The shades fit light to medium skin tones. Because, the pigmentation is just ok so, it's great for daily natural contour style and it easier to blend in. Usually, I use all 3 shades. I use the darkest shades for accentuating my jawline and then I mix the middle shades and lighter shades for contouring my nose. For the hairline, I mix all three shades.

To sum it all, I love this everyday contour palette. I didn't find that the colour are too bronzing and was extremely natural. Perfect for everyday look.


Well, I can't get enough with this one contour palette, I will grab their new highlighting palette too. hahaha

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  1. Been hearing a lot of review on this from beauty youtubers. didnt know that its available in malaysia too!


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