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First of all, look at how pretty the packaging is. Everything is like golden and lustre style. Well, if you really love Korean makeup and watch YouTube like crazy, you'll be stumble across on her channel. HERE. If you can probably see, there's so many Korean beauty youtuber grow very fast and it seem like a trends now. I don't know how this trends should be put at a good side or bad side. Let's we end it like a good thing.


“Look lovely 24/7 with these makeup pouch essentials designed by Soyoung!”

Description from Memebox:

What it is:

This luxurious lip & cheek multiple is a must-have in every girl’s makeup pouch. Vibrant, long-lasting color applies creamy and dries to a light, matte finish.

How to use:

Apply a few dots to the apples of the cheeks and to the lips. Blend with fingers.


Every product comes with their own box. 

No problem about the packaging style :) SIMPLE but lustre.

There are 2 shades available which is lively peach and lively pink. Mine is lively pink which is a very bright fuchsia pink. This absolutely good to create a dolly cheeks and pinky lips.I choose lively pink instead of lively peach because, peachy colour not good for my yellow skin tone. I'm not a fan of peach colour and it's make my face look very pale.

The texture very creamy and have a thick consistency. They are quite opaque and have a matte finish, so take care not to touch your lips or smudge them as the colour will look uneven and cracks. They are also go on very smooth and easy to apply, also keeping the lips feel moisturized.

The shade is so limit, like 2 shade only. However, the colour look very vibrant and daring when I swatch it on my hand. Very pigmented.

Personally, I'm not really fond the mousse texture as it really makes my crack lips look so obvious, emphasizing them which looks very unflattering. This will look good on top of lipstick. This product really a dupe for Innisfree mousse tint. They seem to have the same texture which I'm not prefer for my lips. I don't really recommend for people who have flaky lips.

Some people said this shade isn't perfect for daily but mine is a must and it's just fit my preference for my usual look. The staying power are just fine. However, might be. the peach one may work for you if you enjoy a very casual make up look. As for a blush style, I think lively pink is suitable more compared to peachy one. It's just my preference. I know like western style, I have to knock my head, that they really like this kind a peachy blush style. Well, you know what is good for you, girls! haha

Overall, I like the colour a lot, however I have to knock off a point for the texture due to my flaky lips as they didn't really do it for me. It will be good if you have super pretty lips. In term of shade, 2 shade might not good for makeup collection. Again, I think this works better as a blush.


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