YEONDUKONG X MEMEBOX Highlighting Stick and Blushing Stick

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I've been wanting to try Yeondukong x Memebox’s makeup collection ever since I saw it on her youtube channel plus the packaging really cute. I can't get enough playing only one makeup, so I do crazy again.


Dress to impress for the first date! Yeondukong shares her tips to look flawless with minimal effort. These creamy, retractable sticks will brighten, define, and add a natural flush of color in just a few swipes.

Yeondukong Easy Highlighting Stick #01 Sheer Gold 
Yeondukong Easy Blushing Stick #02 Lively Coral

 Well, I won't complain the packaging because it's way too cute but since the packaging is white, I have to keep it in the box.hihi
It's creamy, retractable stick that adds a flush of natural color and adds a pearlescent luminosity to one’s complexion.

The blush stick comes in one other shade, #01 Shy Pink and #02 Lively Coral. I have the shade #02 Lively Coral which is a really bright coral color. In the range of corals, I would say it leans more pink than orange. Before I bought this, I was afraid that it will too orange but after unbox the product, I am truly happy with the colour. The consistency of the product is a little thick for a blush product, but it blends in easily using fingers. It blends out really well to give a semi-matte finish that looks really natural on the skin. It's also really easy to use because you just draw it on where you want the product and blend it out.

The highlighting stick is in the shade #01 Sheer Gold. Like the name suggests, it's a really sheer highlighter. The highlighting stick won't showing much.There's really fine shimmer in it and it doesn't have a lot of color payoff, which makes it a really natural for everyday highlighter. The color is a champagne gold color that is less thick than the blush stick. Once blended out, it's so natural that you can't hardly see on the picture.

This is a beautiful coral pink colour that is very creamy and glides on easily. Only one swipe is enough for natural everyday makeup. I just blend it out using my fingers and this blend beautifully except their highlighter. All stick comes in a very generous size, and I think the blush will last me a long time since I don’t use a lot.

I personally did not like the highlighters because it doesn’t goes well with powder underneath especially when I do my base makeup with powder on top. It leaves me a very noticeable dots spot.  However, it gives me such a lovely soft glow to my face, which is good for a natural daily makeup. I really like that it doesn’t have big chunks of glitter or sparkles, it has a shimmer but it’s subtle. The highlighter quite sticky but it turns into powdery type. Since that it's creamy, the application makes it much easier. I do love their blusher. This is the type of blusher that I always opt to. It gives me a very noticeable blush style that I really want. The colour will be more vibrant when you keep on dap on it.

1. Very easy and fast to apply and use since all I have to do is roll the product up and apply it straight away from the tube onto my face. Not going to complain about that.
2. I love the graphics on the packaging and it show how much effort they put into it.
3. On-the-go product.
4. All of the colour are very versatile, and just these few products can complete a full highlight and blush routine
5. The products are easily blendable which makes it super easy to blend it out.

1.  There is no various selection that you'll get, so there’s no crazy blue or grey things or black colour.

2. I don't like the texture of the highlighter; it leaves me a dot spot when I try to frequently dap on it.


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