Review- Mentholatum Lipice Grape+Blackcurrant Lip Balm with SPF15

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Hey girls! When my ENT classes was canceled, I had a chance to reward myself, so, I was planning to go out just for a chill at Setia City Mall, but I always end up looking for a things that I don't really plan to buy. So, when I was shopping alone, and my step was stopped in front of Watson and accidentally I bought this! Being at Watson is always a yummyland for me. But, sometimes it's not easy for me to buy from Watson because the price way too expensive than what I got via online.

I always had my eye on this brand especially their ambassador (daiyan trisha) ehemm.. I had never heard Mentholatum brands because never have a chance to try their product either their facial wash. So, this would be something new for me plus the grapeful flavors really gravitate me to buy.

The packaging is simple.

Verdict: I've been loving this lip balm and definitely will listed out as my March favorite. It's very moisturizing and light at the same time. It's give me an intense minty flavor together with grape and blackcurrant scents. This definitely a good pair with MAC matte lipstick or on its own. It will not make your lips dry at all. I will definitely repurchase again and try all flavor that they have. I'd really recommend to anyone who wants to have a lip balm that is light on the lips but still moisturizing. They are so great plus the price very affordable.

What I like about the product:

Has a wide nice selection of scents
Very affordable at only RM8.93
Available locally.
Has SPF 15
Very Moisturizing
Gives a nice minty feeling on application.

What I don’t like about the product:

Trust me. none.

For more info:
Facebook: Lipice Malaysia


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