Review- Daiso Makeup Sponge- A very cheap alternative

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Hello Ladies! Today, I'm back with another awesome cheap finds product. Daiso is definitely a place that I need to check out after Watson. When I was in Daiso I can feel that I can stay a night there just to find something cool but cheap! This place was like a heaven for me to shop at cheaper prices. Don't you have the same thought like me?

It's totally worth the price because this has been replaced my holy grail beauty blender. Obviously, the price way much cheaper than the price of beauty blender. This is why I love Daiso so much! You can find something at Daiso if you really good to stroll around and pick up something cool stuff.


There's a curves on top of the sponge where it make the concealer blends very well.

Very soft!

Try with foundation. Pick up the right amount of foundation.

Verdict: I used this when I want to put foundation on my face. Surprisingly, it's work pretty well like my original beauty blender. The sponge itself very soft and bouncier. It make my foundation very easy to blend and make the foundation flat and beautifully. To clean out the sponge was so easy and the most importantly it's available locally. I bought these at Daiso Setia City Mall and I'm pretty sure it's available at Mid Valley too. Because this sponges was so soft, it might be can easily break or tear off, so be gentle if you have long nails. 
These makeup sponges, you can dumped it or keep it because the price very inexpensive, so you won't feel guilty to your money. hihi

What I like about it:

VERY CHEAP at RM5 only!
Super Soft
Super Bouncy
Can be actually a dupe for Beauty Blender! My opinion!
Easy to clean
Gives smooth, flawless finish.
Available locally.

What I don't like about it:

Can easily break. Be gentle when cleaning especially when you have long nails.
Only available one colour which is white. I hope a colourful


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  3. OMG babe I have this one too! I use it for baking under my eyes, it works pretty well!


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