Complete 14 day challenge on Physiogel Calming Relief

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It's a great time for my final verdict for Physiogel Calming Relief 14 day challenge. As promise, I will let you know how I feel about this facial skincare range from Physiogel. If you read my previous post, you'll know how my skin react and the differences makes me so happy. I switched up my skincare routine into this simple step skincare regime.  Over 14 days I used only Physiogel product for day and night. I notice that for 1 weeks of using it my skin has been improved especially in reducing acne scars.

The major differences is my pores and acne scars. I can see that my pores are shrinking as my skin gets more hydrated. The second day of using it, I can see it help in curing my acne and treated it well.  On fifth day, my skin continues to be much better than previous in term of hydration, reduces acne scars and pores are also reduces. As for cleansing routine, I don't find any problem as I don't feel it irritated my skin nor feeling tight. After giving more trust on this product, again on day 10, this product makes me smile again. My skin very moisturised and giving me a nice glow that I wanted. You might think this seem to be paid advertising, but it's not. I am really serious.  My makeup application is alot easier as I used the face cream moisturiser before I apply the foundation. My foundation stays put and not cakey at all. It's feel very comfy even in hot weather. Ofcourse on day 14, my skin problem resolved and I wish after continue used Physiogel Calming Relief product, my skin will much better and porcelain skin ( i wish >,<)

Throughout the years, mostly the cleanser that I use is either gel type or foam type (mostly). I knew foamy type of cleanser really makes the skin dry out except gel cleanser. Sometimes I feel foam cleanser really remove the grime but never thought about cream cleanser. So, my verdict on this is that, at first, it feel very awkward as I am prefer foam type cleanser but after that I am able used to it. This cleanser type very suit for sensitive skin as it feel very light, won't dry out the skin and won't feel tight at all.

After cleansing routine of course the next things is moisturiser. I find that pump type moisturiser are the most easier. I just need 2 or 3 pump of these and massage this on to my face. Since it is moiturizer, it's protect my skin from dryness. It feel a lil bit sticky but it absorb nicely on to my skin.

Same goes to this one which I use it only at night. It feels a bit thick and greasy than Face Cream. I feel like wearing sleeping mask but not heavy plus it maintain your skin hydrated throughout the night. So, when I woke up in the morning, my skin feel bouncy and healthy.

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Overall, I think these 3 product is a perfect combination for sensitive skin. I do recommend this skincare set to someone who are really looking for a sensitive skincare set. It's easy, trusted and tested by dermatologist. Tell me what else you want as a prove. It's provides daily hydration, reduces facial redness and relieves dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Why not you try these?

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