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I always wanted to have a perfect skin without any imperfection that have on my face. Sometimes, when people can detect the imperfection on your face like acne, redness etc makes you embarrassed to get out of the house. Of course I can't denied that due to our menstrual problem, makes the skin even more troubles. Some of my friend, they're having a sensitive skin and always asked for product recommendation. So, I hope that this blog post will help some of friend out there. 

This year, I've set my own mission which is to free myself from sensitive skin. I have normal skin combination but it tend to be wild up when the weather drastically changed like current weather, el nino phenomenon.

In term of stress, I can not escape from this circles because my student life were really stressful but I tried to control it and balance it as much as I can. 

My most guilty amused things to talk here is makeup. For me, I personally gonna purchase a trusted makeup brands instead of buying a makeup from nowhere. Although, it might cost you a bit but it's worth every penny.

Thanks to Physiogel team because I can experimental myself more for sensitive skin product. I've heard this brands from my fellow bloggers as the product really good for sensitive skin because it has been tested by dermatologists and recommended by skin doctors. 

Physiogel team also invited me for their 14 day challenge using their product and I'm gonna take this challenge to know the changes. I will start using them now and will update you the progress later.

I have 3 product that I will tested on including their cream cleanser and 2 face cream.

Here’s the Physiogel Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser

Before this, I am more to foamy type of cleanser but due to my skin problem, I have to change into mild cleanser that are not too strong for the skin. I like this cream cleanser a lot because they remove the dirt quite effectively and make the skin even more soft and comfy after that.

Here’s the Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream and Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream Rich

Currently, I am a moisturiser junkie, so when I saw there are 2 types of moisturisers, I have to say yes on this. Here we have both face creams which is one is Face Cream and another one is Face Cream Rich. It's actually depend on your skin type, if you feel your skin too dry then you can use face cream rich or you may used both. Because I love moisturiser, I'm gonna try both moisturiser, Face Cream during the day and Face Cream Rich during night.

You can barely see the different on your own but I swear the texture is different. I love Face Cream Rich more as it give me a very adequate moisture and when I woke up, I could feel my skin is fully awake. The cleanser very mild and semi-tight feeling and when I put Face Cream on my face, it's suit together which I am really happy.  But, it tends to be oily around my nose area.

And yes, I must highlights here too which they're free from any fragrance and colorants which means there's no harmful substance on this product. So, you can use it without worries.

I am looking forward for more magical happen with these product. Can't wait to see how the result gonna look like. I will share this to you more!


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