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PHYSIOGEL SKINCARE JOURNEY- Current skin condition.

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OK Since I was in the mood of skincare product, maybe I shall dedicated more post about the challenge that I take currently (physiogel calming relief 14 day challenge). I have deeply understand about my skin condition because it will get worse when I was in menstrual period or prone too much on sunlight. You know the weather right now very hot especially in Kedah and it's really important for me to really take care of it. I always discipline myself for not skipping to wash my face, moisturized and also sunblock.

We know there is a lot luxurious skincare product out there and it's really hard to differentiate which one is good and which one is not. In my previous month, I've been crazy with makeup and testing out a lot but this month I am really serious with my skin and I really looking forward for good product have in the market. I  received a lot question asking for a skincare product that best for sensitive skin.  I am really careful when suggesting beauty products especially for sensitive skin.

I live in Malaysia and we sort of know how the weather will turn like, it's hot and humid weather. I was constantly exposed to the hot weather every day because the hostel is very far from faculty. I have no choice. So, I assumed the reason for my skin problem is because hygiene (obviously), lack of water (plain water) and also poor diet. It's a trap, if I try to denied I'm not eating fast food and I don't like using an excuse as student for not eating any healthy food. It's your temptation. It has been a week since I started using Physiogel skincare. Only 2 steps required to complete your day and night.

It's the time for my thought after using it almost one week and I swear the differences are so much better than previous one. I am not even joking. I can feel that my skin very hydrated, shrinking the pores and quickly curing the acne. Aside from that, the best part is, it also reduce my acne scars a bit. Even when outdoor, I am really comfortable with my skin.

So far, I am really satisfied with it. I even love my skin more. I love the fact how it hydrate the skin and curing my acne in a normal conditions. (moderate). I am excited for next post regarding my final thoughts and final challenge using the product. Stay tuned!


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