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Everyone has a different mood everyday. Maybe 1 weeks different fragrances. I believe every scent has their own meaning and inspiring story behind it. Having a suitable fragrances that meet your style will spark your true personality. So, why don't we start to play and lift up your head with new fragrances from Playboy, Play It Wild to spice up your lives in 2016. So, stop scrolling your phone and online games and come join with me to play our new fragrances. Are you ready? 

Play It Wild collection is the newest fragrance from Playboy. In this collection we have two collection for men and women. Before we jump into the unboxing, why don't we spend 1 second for their tempting and bold packaging. It's time to press to play.

Play It Wild For Him

For men's fragrance, it has a predicted military packaging together with a sturdy transparent glass bottle. The perfume itself has a manly scent which is perfect for day and night hunting session. Not to forget, their long-lasting 24 Hours Deodorant Body Spray is a perfect combination to finish up your exciting hunting session. 

Retail price for Play It Wild For Him Eau de Toilette 

- RM 39.90 / 50ml

Retail price for Play It Wild For Him Deodorant Body Spray 

- RM 18.90 / 150ml

Play It Wild For Her

To reveals your feminism and sexiness with confidence, Play It Wild For Her is exactly scent that match your style. When it comes to Playboy brands,the first impression is their legendary Playboy bunny ears reminds me alot about them. The scent catch my heart with mediocre fruity scent that wasn't too strong and breeding your feminine spirit.

In term of packaging, it's win my heart. Bright pink bow-tie and legendary Playboy bunny ears together with curvy bottle in leopard print makes everything looks perfect.
All fragrances comes with their own deodorant. So, make sure to spray both before you start your thrilling journey.

Retail price for Play It Wild For Her Eau de Toilette 
-RM 42.90 / 50ml
Retail price for Play It Wild For Her Deodorant Body Spray 
-RM 18.90 / 150ml

So, what do you think? In term of price, you don't have an excuse for not getting them. I'd say it's perfect price for all levels. The fragrance goes well either for starting your day or hunting night. You also might get all this collection for your love boyfriend/girlfriend.

Where to get: Playboy Play It Wild Fragrances are available at Aeon, Aeon Big, Caring, Giant, Guardian, Parkson, 99 Speedmart, Tesco, Watsons, and other leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

For more information on Playboy Fragrances, please visit : https://www.facebook.com/PlayboyFragrancesMalaysia.

Global website : www.playboyfragrances.com/


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