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REVIEW - CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner in 01 Black

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Clio is a Korean brand that is pretty popular in Korea especially their quality, images, as well as their lips product. One of the things Clio is more well-known for are its eyeliners, which get lots of people exaggerating about for being really waterproof and also long-wearing, so I thought it would be great for me to put these a try! I'm not really fan of pencil eyeliner since my precise brush eyeliner work really good for me as it's create more define wings instead of pencil eyeliner which require you to put more effort on it.Without further ado, let's put a test whether they are really waterproof and smudge-proof or not!

Below is the picture of their packaging! As you can see, it said ''sharp, so simple''

The size is really 2mm. I know it's crazy because I do measure it lol 😅😅😅

The image shown that the eyeliner is pointy but it is not.

Because these eyeliner is pencil tip, the liners are not as precise, but it could be a  super-convienient eyeliner to used especially to line waterline area. However, the pencil tend to be at softer side, so, don't put too much pressure on it when lining your eyes, or the tip will break off. This happened to me when I used it too much pressure, so, make sure to lighten the amount of force when use it. The pencil liner also can be use for 6 month after open.

Now, let's more on to swatches!
The eyeliner tip quite dried but then when I swatch on a couple of times, it tend to glides smoothly. It's black but with a hint of greyish black colour. The pigmentation also great.

I will put a test on this eyeliner such as rubbing test, waterproof test, and underwater rubbing test!

This definitely look the same when swatches. because nothing happened when I try rubbing a couple of times when it's dried. So, this definitely smudgeproof.

Now, for the waterproof test! Again, it show no smudging or fading or flaking off when water on it.

and lastly, underwater rubbing test! I guess my super thick swatches does not make any change at all. It might be with thin swatches, it will show the difference. So, I guess in term of staying power, it's still good!

Now, let's see how they perform on my eyes. As you can see from the picture, my outer corner waterline are not showing that much. This is because it's kinda hard to draw but at inner corner and center of my eyes, it's fantastic and easy to lines. Unfortunately, when it comes to drawing little wings, it's take times for me to draw, because the tip is not fine enough to draw a sharp wings or lines. But, for everyday makeup, I think this would be good. In removing the eyeliner, it was easy with an oil-based makeup remover, so thumbs up for this!

I bought these at Sasa, and the price is RM38.90 which has the same price like online shop, if you wanna get these online. Overall, these are just good eyeliners that aren't overpriced because of the quality is just ok.


  1. That's a pretty perfect wing for using a pencil! Wow!

    1. I try my best to achieve perfect


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